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Angelique Morrison, Vice President and Co-Founder of PS Remember Inc.

Not so long ago, a classmate who wanted to find a classmate from more than twenty years ago would have had a hard time. PS Remember is changing that. The brainchild of vice president and co-founder Angelique Morrison, PS Remember has the power to connect a student at the University of Chicago with a former classmate who is now attending Seoul University. In more than 100 countries and 2.5 million schools, students can locate each other and reconnect. Morrison maintains an extensive list of these schools and has ultimately created a database that is bigger than even Google’s. 

“It’s all about information. We needed one place where we could have the names of all the schools in the world, and we have it in this database. No matter where a student is, regardless of how much time has passed since they last saw their classmate, they can reconnect with that person. We’ve even heard stories of students using PS Remember to get help with homework assignments.”

Angelique’s work for the social media platform is challenging. She spends each day carefully gathering data for the database, optimizing it, and ensuring its reliability. Her fluency in English, Spanish, and French has come in handy, allowing her to communicate with the Ministry of Education in many countries. All of this means that PS Remember’s database stays current, letting more and more students find each other.

“There have been challenges, of course. Some ministries of education were a little unsure about giving such comprehensive educational details to PS Remember, so I used my language ability, interpersonal skills, and some patience, and we established a rapport. It sometimes took a few months, but we did get the data. In the end, no matter the obstacle, it’s rewarding to know that more people are connected.” 

In over 100 countries, colleges and universities have seen benefits, as well. “Administrators are using PS Remember to connect with students and other institutions. This lets them present their programs to potential students in new ways. It’s really amazing because this app is changing international education for students is changing. Think of the possibilities for education.”

PS Remember’s future is full of potential, according to Angelique. “Our global population never stops growing, and as it increases, so does the number of students in school. There will always be more people who are graduating, attending school, or getting ready to attend school. PS Remember’s potential is grows as this population grows. I foresee that every student in the world who has ever attended or who will attend high school, college, or university will be connected via our platform five years from now.”

Social media’s never-ending appeal drives PS Remember’s success. Remember that in four years, the number of people using social media each day will be almost 4.41 billion. Why? Angelique’s theory is that it’s all about connections. “People need to interact and network with each other. PS Remember is using this need to connect more people. People understand our mission no matter where they are in the world.”

For new entrepreneurs, she has some advice: remember to never stop. To keep going, it’s important to stay focused on fulfilling a need. Always remember why they first embarked on their journey. “Everyone wants to give up sooner or later, but remember that what you are doing will help someone. This will be your motivation.”

Success can seem hard to attain sometimes. “However, never give in to discouragement. Never give up. By continuing, you will improve a person’s life with your idea. How rewarding will that be when it happens? Have courage. Your boldness can smash through any barrier.”

As a woman of vision, Angelique is confident that she can lead the new generation of problem solvers and great minds.  She is committed to researching new and innovative technologies in biotechnology so that she can increase the efficiency, security, and inclusion of PS Remember as a social media platform. 

“At the end of day, I honestly love what I do. I am energized when I go to work because I know that what I do provides joy for others and gives back to the world.”

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