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Dwight Morrison, Connecting Students Around the World


At over 2.5 million schools around the world, students are connecting with each other via PS Remember, a social media platform led by Dwight Morrison, CEO and co-founder. The organization’s purpose is to connect students past, present, and future. As Dwight states, the potential for his organization is limited only by the number of people on the planet.

“Out of over 7 billion people on this planet, 586 million are attending high school today. Another 207 million are attending college. We have the bold goal of connecting all of them. Some might not think that can be done, but my team and I never back down from a challenge.”

PS Remember’s reach truly is global. A student in Mexico City who searches for an old classmate from kindergarten may find that person is now living in Spain, and the two can begin talking again via PS Remember. They can share pictures and stories, send each other messages, and create daily posts just as they would on Facebook or Instagram.

Behind the platform is an extensive team of developers, programmers, and developers who work together to create the PS Remember experience. Dwight also works with his board of directors, lawyers, and consultants to maintain the finances of the company, secure the right investors, and build a strong team.”

Behind the scenes has been Dwight’s wife, Angelique Morrison, key to the organization’s success. Her work led to a database that keeps the names and locations of every college and university in over 147 countries. The database, which took two years to create, has today the largest and most comprehensive list of kindergartens, high schools, colleges, and universities worldwide – more than even Google and Facebook. 

Everything has not always gone smoothly. Countries at war have presented their own unique problems. Syria’s conflict destroyed many of the country’s schools, and the students were scattered around the world. “To connect past students, we had to have the names and locations of those schools that no longer exist. That issue could have hurt the success of our organization, but we were fortunate to be able to overcome it with hard work.”

Dwight has a five-year vision for PS Remember. “I want us to have connected over 100 million students in over 147 countries. It won’t matter how old the student is or how long they may have been out of school. They will be able to look up anyone on our search engines and reconnect with that person.”

Dwight credits PS Remember’s success to having a strong team. He also believes his leadership has helped shape the next generation. “My focus is absolute. I am guided by a strong sense of responsibility, and I believe in a cause that is much greater than myself. I am grateful that I am uniquely positioned to bring forth a platform that will change the lives of millions.”

For anyone who would like to follow in his footsteps and innovate as he as, Dwight has some suggestions.

“It’s all about being consistent. New ideas are crucial, and don’t hesitate to take advice and criticism. A mentor who can guide you through the process of achieving your goals for your company is very helpful. Most importantly, love what you do. Change lives, and you will change the world.”

To achieve success in anything, especially at work, Dwight offers this advice: provide a service that will improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

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