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🍀🍀🍀May 3/21, Accesswire Public Service Announcement Series Covid Over Global Portals


Consciousvitality.com and Globalwon.org are evaluating community immunity options to amplify assurance for life quality ,beyond- are vaccines safe and or available debates.

With virtually endless RNA variants and mutations showing signs, the best vaccines alone are more unlikely ,by the day ,to not be enough ,to make global health the new normal.

The UK covid mutation is the dominant virus in America and Israel since its appearance, since only 12/2020. Florida is currently the UK variant hotspot, and may be a candidate for a mask donation. Hebrew university reports Pfizer users  may be 8 times more likely to get the African covid variant .Brazil ,3% of the world population, had 30 % of world covid mortalities ,in March alone.

1-Globalwon.org’s Peter Hayes chairman of the board, urban outreach marketing LLC, owner. Peter is an executive in compassoongames.org, a virally growing global movement, inspiring participation in something greater than oneself.

Globalwon.org and wwwzenergy.com are evaluating many post-pandemics product options at no ,or low risk ,opportunities and marketing one ,that’s FDA generally regarded as safe and an organic, plant derived food in the form of a pocket spray virucidal; patented by a PhD organic chemist ,former Novartis, a $50 billion pharmaceutical empire.

This organic modern nano manna won’t contradict any medication and has impressive studies and 1,000 testimonials indicating a one of a kind approach to all infectious and noninfectious health conditions.

2- Another venture offers Atomickleen, a beyond nano particle size, organic and gentle virucidal, hand wash and proven plant amplifier form.

D2foliar masks are the likely single greatest factor in containing pandemics until the manna ceuticals are used by a billion people or so.

3- Globalwon’s research director has summarized Covid freedom options in the following, Half of the world’s 8 billion people wear masks and all may be required by law, to wear them by 2022.

As Biden and other nations presidents say wear 2 masks and half the world wears one of 100,000 brands. W.H.O. says 89 million medical grade masks are needed every month for an unforeseeable time. The 95 masks favored by most governments are in long term global shortage and usable for 2 days at best.

4- Livinguard.com,6 month or more use, $25 masks sets a standard, perhaps unmatched as free  university of Berlin and University of Arizona, leading virology labs, report it not only blocks, it stops 99.99% covid -19 virus genetics from any action in 30 minutes.

The ultra mask has 98%bacteria filtration efficacy; the pro has 95.these masks last 210 days.

The result of a 2 year quest,65,000 experiments and 100 patents, each mask has 36 billion positive charges that attract the negative charge negative viruses and bacteria , short circuiting the genetic ability to multiply permanently. Each virus is literally disassembled on an atomic level in the world’s first atomikleen mask. It works on any textile, hospital bedding, carpet, upholstery, clothing fabric.

5- The living guard U.S. manager, Marcus Hutnak, arranged a 3,000 mask donation to Huntington, IN, when the mayor bought 3,000. Marcus says, “the wrong mask can spread Covid by cross contamination”. Realguardusa.com is a chief distributor of the masks. As an option, halo.io nanofiber mask may be in the race.

The Mumbai times of India reports the livingguard masks have been tested to prevent against tuberculosis and polio. The India premier league players, a world sports franchise leader, wear the living mask and glove in every game[1] .

See state by state guide to face mask requirements.  Huntington, Indiana believes Moderna vaccines lowered cases enough to suspend mask mandates in June. Neighboring Michigan has statewide mask mandate due to the U.K. Covid variant.

As Huntington suspends masks in June, believing Moderna vaccines lowered infections and masks aren’t needed; Michigan governor, Gretchen Widmar, mandates masks statewide. The new wave is gloves as infections spread by touch and multi touch fabric surfaces can’t be cleaned 24/7 unless they’re treated with livingguard technology

While presidents suggest wearing 2 masks, this 3 layer mask may win covid over Olympics/ Kentucky Derby- won in two minutes, while CDC says 60% of N95 don’t have the expected filtration standards and most masks do little to deactivate viruses.

Covid variants and increased mutations are far more infectious and possibly lethal, with many virologists saying new vaccines and availability will be overwhelmed by virus adaptations by 2023.

Livinguard made 10 million masks in six countries in six years and has permanent hygiene tech for 1 billion by 2030.

Cnbc18tv.com says one reusable living guard mask used 210 times can save 36,000 tons of waste from the use of other masks. Compassionate donations of 40,000 masks were appreciated by citizens of Maharashtra. Well wishers of living guard have envisioned the equivalent of MLK’s a million man march by donating 1 million masks in May.

The Alfa Romeo European automobile franchise is a living mask fan. With key partnerships that can transform 3 billion people by 2024.

“consciousvitality.com will evaluate some mostly unknown covid over surprises with famous professionals in a may online interview series.–for those who won’t bow to covid fatalism and avoid getting lost in facts that ,though true; they can’t change; dare to get daily second opinions and study turning point COVID over possibilities, see article 316 at goldenopportunitiesdevelopement.com and join weekly online conferences with world class, licensed health professionals and occasional.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of these statements. The dietary supplements described are not drugs, and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a medical condition or health concern, see your healthcare provider.

We work with covid-free world innovators, inventors, and investors. Text only inquiries to (936) 718-2747 may get prompt reply. Hear the covid over options shows, May 13.consciousvitality.com.

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