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Nathan Menard is the Music World’s New Star

In Southern California, a self-described “random white kid” is making real soul music, and his reputation is growing. Musical artist and producer Nathan Menard is out to remind his listeners of the simple things that make people relax and want to dance, and he believes he has the perseverance and talent to make it to the top of the charts.

“I am different from a lot of other artists out there,” Nathan says. “These days, so many titles are full of negative messages, and they can bring you down sometimes. That’s not my music. I want to remind people of their special memories and of love and hope. Even better, I want to get people dancing. You can’t possibly be in a bad mood if you’re in a groove.”

Nathan got his start in music when he was fourteen. “I went years without hearing any music played in my family’s house, so this career came a bit out of left field. Everything changed when I heard Marvin Gaye sing. All I could do was stop and listen. I vowed I would do whatever it took to sound like that and make music that made people feel like I did that day: confident, dreamy, in love, and wanting to dance.”

Nathan relished the challenge of teaching himself everything he knows about music. “I had a great time teaching myself how to play the drums, guitar, and piano. I also taught myself production, song writing, mixing, and mastering. Up until this point, I’ve done everything on my own and have just learned to master my craft. 

“It wasn’t all fun, though. It’s going to take a miracle for some random kid with no connections whatsoever to become a white R&B star. As discouraging as that has sometimes been, I have just persevered and kept making my music because I love it. I’m now ready to be heard.”

Nathan is thoughtful as he thinks about the impact he wants his music to make on other people. “I want to bring the zeal and color back to life and love. I think people have forgotten how to celebrate life, and I want my music to remind them.”

More people are finding Nathan’s music because it is very relatable. “In my most recent single, “Lottery,” I explore the idea of being overlooked. Everyone feels this way at some point, right? Whether it’s in the workplace, at home, or in their love life, everyone feels overlooked even though they have so much to offer. That’s what I try to put in my music: a full-blown comprehension of the world, love, and life and for the life that needs some color.”

Nathan’s romantic nature comes out when he describes his definition of success. “I will know I have arrived when a fan plans a surprise date for their lady, and at the end of the night, they light some candles and dance to my song under the moonlight. I also wouldn’t mind one of the more banging R&B hits being used for a Tik Tok dance trend.”

Nathan knows that he faces long odds in his profession. “The music world will eat you up and spit you out, that’s true,” he says. “However, I really believe in my core that I have something special to offer a listener. I know I probably sound like every single person that’s ever auditioned for American Idol, but man, my whole life I’ve been an optimist. I am filled with joy and a passion for music that is heard with the heart and responded to with dancing. I’ve got music and life in me that’s just waiting to be released. Long story short, I think I have talent and heart beyond comparison, and I’ve been overlooked. I am a winning lottery ticket just waiting to be scratched.”

The success Nathan pursues is hard to attain in his industry, but he won’t stop. “I remember the first time I performed in front of a crowd. I’ve never felt more Nathan Menard. I felt so natural out there, and using my songs to connect with the audience was unforgettable. There’s nothing like using music to lift the spirits of other people. I can’t wait to do it again.”

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