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Audien Hearing Offers Affordable, Invisible, Comfortable Hearing Aids


Suffering with hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, or tinnitus, but cannot afford a hearing aid? You are not alone–many people are in the same boat. Reaching for accessibility should not be as difficult as it is, so Audien Hearing made a change.

Audien Hearing was formed to cut out the middlemen like audiologists, hearing centers, sales reps, and more, and to get the highest quality hearing aids straight from the factory to their customers at the lowest price on the market. 

With Audien Hearing providing great quality hearing aids at low prices for seniors and others with hearing challenges, it has essentially changed the market. Audien Hearing provides its customers with a quality, made in America product, that is comfortable, easy to use, affordable, and rechargeable.

This revolutionary product may have never entered the market, and those with hearing problems would be left with two unfortunate choices: no hearing aid or a very expensive hearing aid that they really cannot afford. 

Audien Hearing got where it is today by offering the best priced hearing aids on the market. For years, the average cost of hearing aids has been around $4,600/pair. People had to go to audiologists for hearing tests at a hearing center, then receive overpriced custom products. Now, people can get a one size fits all approach online – and Audien has hearing aids starting at only $89/pair. We offer rechargeable, in-ear devices that are easy to use, along with providing amazing customer service to assist them with the process. You cannot beat the value they provide at this price.

This new opportunity – the availability of this new affordable and superior product – has dramatically changed things in the hearing aid industry, and Audien Hearing is poised to make this product available to millions of people.

With Audien Hearing providing great quality hearing aids at low prices for seniors and others with hearing challenges, it has changed the market. Audien Hearing’s benefits include:

  • Lifetime Support
  • Superior Audio
  • Easy to use and Comfortable
  • Rechargeable Hearing Device
  • Low prices

Customers have two product choices:

  • EV1 – Audien’s best seller at only $89/pair. It’s in-ear, rechargeable, and easy to use. 
  • EV3 – Audien’s top of the line starts at $249/pair. It’s smaller, sleeker, and more powerful.

Audien Hearing’s mission to give everyone access to affordable, effective, and comfortable hearing aids is being fulfilled. These rechargeable hearing aids are the best out there for the price. In fact, they are made with similar technology as a $5,000 pair of hearing aids. The thing is, Audien Hearing has found a way to cut out the middleman and allow customers to get the best hearing aids at an incredibly low price point.

Now, thousands of people can avoid the grueling and expensive process of the past to improve their hearing. The whole process has been simplified. In fact, over 100,000 customers have taken advantage of this opportunity for improved hearing by purchasing hearing aids from Audien Hearing. 

Just listen to some of these rave reviews: “I’ve spent nearly $7,000 on a pair of hearing aids that I didn’t end up using. I saw an ad for these and thought I’d give them a try, because well, why not – and I can’t believe it! I like these BETTER than the ones I spent $7k on!”

Another customer shares her emotional experience:  “I received them the day before Christmas and wore them on Christmas day and I literally cried with joy at being able to hear my family talk and I was able to be a part of the fellowship.”

It’s clear Audien is pursuing a noble mission. Their products change lives.

Audien Hearing is changing the way we buy hearing aids. They’re making them more accessible and more affordable for everyone. It’s only a matter of time before the industry is changed forever.

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