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Quality Grapes, Quality Wine – the Tradition Stands


Winemaking is an age old craft, one that has seemingly been around since the beginning of time. Evidence of it is painted all over history, and furthermore, in biblical text as well. So where does wine stand now? How has this ancient beverage grown since its beginnings? As owner of Hertelendy Vineyards, Ralph Hertelendy knows well the potential that humble grapes have. 

Whether it is a Sauvignon Blanc or a deep Cabernet, wines are made from grapes. Just like any fruit, a grape requires the proper care in order to not only survive, but thrive. Well versed in growing grapes, Hertelendy has demonstrated this knowledge on more than one occasion. Hertelendy’s Vineyards pride themselves on growing grapes on volcanic soil, a tradition that can be found in their history. Their attention to detail proves fruitful in the rich taste of their wine. The quality of their grapes is unmatched,  thanks to the principle of growing on grounds where volcanic soil is present. Their location in Napa Valley nestles them perfectly alongside the slopes of Howell Mountain. Blending the volcanic soil alongside the valley floor harmonizes the grapes into a flavorful rich tasting wine.

Even though wine is virtually everywhere, it is getting difficult to locate a quality bottle of wine. While some people have a great knowledge of types and quality of wines, it isn’t uncommon to find someone who has very little concept of what wine is all about. Price point isn’t the only difference between a bottle of Barefoot and a Hertelendy wine. Hertelendy has set themselves apart from the competition in every way possible, from the nourishment of their grapes to their winemaking practices. It’s a given that one of the pluses of picking a Hertelendy wine is the quality, and, of course, the taste. 

At Hertelendy, their membership program has made it possible for people to explore the inviting world of wine. Memberships ranging from Classic to Elite, the offer to enrich your knowledge and wine experience have never been more rewarding. Take into consideration the Classic membership. In hindsight, twelve bottles of wine a year doesn’t sound very promising. However, not only are these the best wine the seasons of winter and spring have to offer, they are the best that Hertelendy has to offer. Made in limited batches, wines offered in the Classic membership allow patrons a sip of what truly sets the name Hertelendy apart from conventional wine. The dedication to wine craftsmanship is evident in their taste as they offer a view into the world that is winemaking.

The Elite membership explores the highest level of luxury in regards to wine. As an Elite member, patrons get a taste of wine production that showcases everything Hertelendy has to offer. In addition to having all the benefits of a Classic member, Elites enjoy twice the number of wines a year. At twenty four bottles of wine a year and grandfathered discounts on other purchases, the Elite membership is the path to releasing your inner wine enthusiast.

At Hertelendy, the taste of tradition is present in every sip. When the bottle is uncorked, generations of history pours itself into a glass of your favorite red or white. Hertelendy knows that a great bottle of wine is more than just its price point; it’s everything that goes into making it. Both rich in taste and history, Hertelendy Vineyards has proven that in order to make great wine, it pays to take a page from the history books. By implementing his own family knowledge and practices, Ralph Hertelendy hasn’t taken away from the great aroma and flavorful sip associated with a Hertelendy wine. He’s just added his own page into its ever growing book. 

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