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Reinventing the Indie Scene with Hotel Ugly


The indie music scene has been around for quite some time now. Considered alternative, the music provides a sense of calm to its listeners. Implementing their own musical style into indie, Hotel Ugly has shaken the indie music scene. Members Chris and Mike Fiscella are responsible for the musical style of Hotel Ugly. Together, they’re changing the way indie music is perceived. Gaining exposure on social media, Hotel Ugly is introducing the world to their creative musical talents.  

As artists, Chris and Mike excel in different areas of music. Taking the editing side, Mike’s take on audio engineering gives their song the necessary edge while Chris’s songwriting skills provides the skeleton for the music. Combined, they’re creativity is utilized in Hotel Ugly’s songs. As they continue to refine their skills, Hotel Ugly serves as a creative outlet for their skill sets. Their debut EP was a prime example of their capabilities. 

Under their band, they released an EP titled “The Ugly EP”, which features the soon to be hit song titled “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling”. Upon release, the song began to make rounds on social media. Featured in numerous TikToks, the song gave Hotel Ugly the platform in order to take over the indie music scene of Houston. As the song gained in popularity, people began to notice the obvious talents of Hotel Ugly. Crafted with dedication and passion for music in mind, “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling” soon proved to be Hotel Ugly’s key to success. 

Since “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling,” Hotel Ugly has enjoyed much success. As a Houston-based band, they’ve toured all over Texas. Enriching the lives of new fans county wide, the traction made in Texas has proven fruitful to their success. Touring in places like San Marcos, San Antonia, and Dallas just to name a few, they’re showing a new side to the indie music scene. Serving as a catalyst for indie music, Hotel Ugly continues to grow within the industry.

In addition to their work within the industry, Hotel Ugly is also dedicated to benefiting the communities around them. Currently, they are raising money for MHA (Mental Health of America) Greater Houston Chapter. Through their tours, they’ve directed attention and funds to this cause. Utilizing their platform, Hotel Ugly fights to shine lights on issues that matter to them. By realizing that they have a voice, they’ve lent their voice to help further aid the work done by MHA. Not only making waves in the music industry, they’re also calling for awareness in regards to mental health.  

“Shut Up My Mom is Calling” was just the first step for Hotel Ugly. Taking the success they’ve garnered from their single, they’ve put back the same amount of dedication and passion into their work since. Their highly anticipated single “The Ballad of Eddie Jabuley,” is set to be released on June 4th, 2021. Following the success of “Shut Up My Mom is Calling,” this serves as evidence of their dedication. With this new single, Hotel Ugly has capitalized on the momentum that they’ve garnered thus far. In addition to a single, Hotel Ugly’s fans can expect an album in the near future. 

The buzz that Hotel Ugly has gathered is more than well deserved. Paired with work ethic, they’ve brought innovative audio engineering and pristine lyrics to the frontier. Both Chris and Mike working on vocals, they’ve fashioned out an idyllic partnership with their music. While most artists would still be bathing in the afterglow of their debut success, Hotel Ugly isn’t remaining stagnant. By continuing to bring innovation to their work, they’ve ensured that the Hotel Ugly fanbase will grow by the ten folds. 

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