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Exquisite Aesthetics: Customers Transformed by Results


When a customer walks into The Exquisite Aesthetics studio, they will find comfort from the very start. That’s how the founder, Shawny Ellsworth, designed her business. “I’ll never forget the ‘why’ of my career,” shares Shawny. “The people that walk through the door are my ‘why’; they come first.” Shawny Ellsworth, international medical and cosmetic tattoo artist and trainer, has transformed countless lives through her services. A picture speaks a thousand words and the before and after photos of Exquisite Aesthetics clients testify to the amazing results the studio provides. Customers can be transformed from the inside out with Exquisite Aesthetics. 

At a young age, Shawny Ellsworth knew deep down inside what she wanted to do with her life. Inspired by both the fields of beauty and medicine, she dreamed of being a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. However, it wasn’t until a friend introduced her to microblading later in life that she saw a doorway into that future. She discovered she had a passion for artistry and the aesthetic talent to back it up. Now, a licensed aesthetician and permanent cosmetics/paramedical tattoo artist, Shawny loves nothing more than seeing customers transformed by her services. 

So, what services does Exquisite Aesthetics offer? The team proudly offers microblading/3D semi-permanent eyebrows, scar and stretch mark camouflage, skin rejuvenation micropigmentation, areola repigmentation restoration, scalp micropigmentation and HD lymphatic detox and body sculpting. “I want to put every client at ease, knowing that together we will choose the perfect service for their particular skin,” Shawny explains. “This is custom services for clients.” 

So what are Exquisite Aesthetic clients saying? One client said, “My results are incredible after just one treatment with pretreatment (inkless) magic enhancement serum.” Not every client is that easy though. Some of Shawny’s work requires a great deal of time and patience. Shawny has clients traveling from all over the world for months at a time. One such client shared, “I went to the best doctors and still couldn’t achieve these kinds of results. I spent thousands on laser treatments and nothing worked. I was finally referred to Shawny. I just wanted to feel beautiful again.” Shawny knows that trust and patience go a long way with clients. It’s a relationship that can take years to build and moments to break. “One of the most challenging parts of my job is repairing trust that previous aestheticians have broken,” Shawny says. “Many times, I’m working to touch up poor work by other ‘professionals’ in the field.” Her goal is always client satisfaction. “I want them to leave feeling beautiful from the inside out,” Shawny says. 

Shawny’s Instagram includes countless before and after photos of her satisfied clients. One caption reads, “Healing the body and the mind is considered essential in my world. Imagine constantly being reminded of your past. Loved working on this client and helping her feel beautiful again.” Confident clients are the true reward of Shawny’s career. “Nothing makes me happier than to see a client post pictures on social media of their results. The work always looks great, but to see the joy on their faces, that makes it all worth it,” she shares. 

Shawny knows that such big results only come from careful attention to the small details. This is why she has worked so hard to refine her artistry. “This is custom skincare for clients. We are talking about minute details. We have to determine the shade, the technique, the timing of sessions. We turn skeptics into believers,” Shawny shares. One of Shawny’s clients stated that before Exquisite Aesthetics, she had tried everything under the sun with no results. Now, she is finally able to wear a bathing suit to the beach. The team at Exquisite Aesthetics restored her skin and her confidence. 

Shawny Ellsworth, designed her business with the client in mind. Customers find an atmosphere of comfort and support at Exquisite Aesthetics from the very beginning. An international medical and cosmetic tattoo artist and trainer, Shawny has perfected her craft to produce amazing results. A picture speaks a thousand words and the before and after photos of Exquisite Aesthetics clients testify to the professional work behind the brand. As more and more clients are transformed by their results, Exquisite Aesthetics has quickly become the household name in medical and cosmetic tattooing. 

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