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Fred Farah Wants You to Know About Used Car Buying


Used cars often carry negative connotations, but Fred (Fayez) Farah knows that buying a used vehicle instead of a new one can actually be beneficial. He operates North Star Motors and wants people looking around to know about what a used car can help them save, even past the vehicle’s sticker price. 

Pre-Owned Certification

Pre-Owned labels on used cars let you know that the vehicle has been inspected and quality is assured. Fayez Farah has seen how that can help customers make more informed purchases with their vehicles. New cars often do not come with any kind of certification and because the cars have usually just been released, there tends to be a lack of knowledge about recalls and defects. 

Variety of Vehicles Available 

Each year, hundreds and hundreds of car models are added to the used car market, increasing the amount of variety in the vehicles available for purchase. Fred Farah often has people looking for very specific features and designs, leading them to look at used cars over the new car lot, which often has less variety in its options. 

Available Vehicle Data

New cars do not need to be worked on, but you also do not know what may go wrong with the car in the future when you buy it. Used cars counter this with vehicle history data available to the public on websites like AutoCheck. Dealerships across the country offer this information to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle, including the dealership operated by Fayez Farah. 

Information Available on the Internet

In addition to reports, used cars tend to have more information available about them online. This gives people a variety of additional opinions to go off of that a new vehicle may not offer.  A quick Google search of the year, make, and model of used car that you might buy will allow you to see the experiences other people have had with the vehicle. It also allows you to look up a dealership and see how they describe the vehicle, something that Fayez Farah did for his customers. 


Fred Farah also knows that used cars usually come with lower insurance rates. Those rates are determined by a car’s value and since used cars have already depreciated in value, those insurance rates will come at a lower cost. This can be especially beneficial for new or younger drivers, who already face higher insurance rates due to their level of experience on the road. “Most younger people come in looking for a used car,” Farrah explained, “I think the insurance costs have a lot to do with that.”  

Customization Costs

Buyers often want to make sure that the vehicle they purchase comes with the features and add-ons that suit what they like. Fayez Farah often had customers who wanted to purchase those add-ons at his dealership. By buying used, drivers often save money, which can be used to purchase those additional features to make the car just right for you. 

Registration Fees

Any vehicle that you purchase will need to be registered, but the age of your car could determine how much those registration fees cost. Fred Farah operates North Star Motors of Texas, where drivers are charged a flat rate plus local fees to register their vehicle. Other states, like New Jersey, factor in things like age and weight to determine the cost of registration. 

Additional Fees 

A variety of fees can be added on to the initial purchase of a car, including the cost of shipping. Fayez Farah knows this firsthand from operating his own dealership. Used cars usually do not carry these hidden fees, which allows you to get a car at or near the price you expected to pay walking into the dealership.

Used car buying offers plenty of advantages over buying new cars. Fred Farah hopes people take this information to make the purchase that is right for them. No matter what car you buy, he feels you should be making an informed purchase for a car that you’re confident in driving. 

Fred (Fayez) Farah is the owner of North Star Motors, an independent car dealer in Houston, Texas and Okley Construction. 

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