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Making a Mark in Music with Eddie Neam


At some point in our lives, so many of us dream of being music stars, soaring up the charts with a hit song that is remembered by the masses for so long.  Eddie Neam helps well-known artists make those dreams come true and he wants to help up and coming artists achieve the same kinds of success. He knows there are plenty of talented artists out there that need the push to get their records to be known and he’s willing to be the one leading the way.

One of the biggest parts of Neam ’s abilities to push artists forward is his knowledge of negotiations for fees. Neam is also skilled with aggressively promoting artists’ events, while making sure that artists have everything needed, from lodging to sound checks along the way. He also possesses working knowledge of entertainment contract guidelines governing promoter fees, sound check dates/times, length of performance, and other performer- specific demands.

Eddie Neam built his brand in music over the course of seven years. He started from nothing and says the biggest things that got him to where he is today are handshakes and smiles building up a network of opportunities for him to move forward with. “Your network is the most valuable thing in this field,” he says. “Don’t ever burn a bridge with someone who you know because you never know who that person will become 5 years from now.”

An executive working for Def Jam Recordings once told Neam  that teamwork is what pushes people forward in the industry. In the ten-plus years he’s worked in music, Neam  has networked with a variety of clients, artists, and major record labels. Today, he enjoys a network of friends who he says he wouldn’t be here without. 

Eddie Neam has successfully obtained gold and multi-platinum certification for his marketing and promotions of major records. Among these hit records are “Everyday We Lit” by YFN Lucci featuring PnB Rock, which was certified gold after peaking at #12 on the Billboard hip-hop charts and “Taste” by Tyga featuring Offset, which peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 in August of 2018. This includes working with Def Jam Recordings to help push records for Kanye West. Neam  has also successfully pushed independent records into mediabase charts. 

Today, Neam  offers services such as marketing campaigns for independent artists and producers. “I want to help them push their music projects out professionally while they’re on an independent level,” he says. Neam also does tour management for artists and producers that need help building their brand from scratch.

Neam  feels he’s found his passion in the music industry and he credits that passion as the reason for his current success and drive to achieve more. “Success to me is following your sole purpose in life,” he says. “Knowing who you are in this world and what you can do to create positive energy. When you feel that you are using all the tools that the universe provides and you are using it for the greater cause to bring peace to this world, then I think you’re successful.” 

Neam  also offers artists public relations talent as the director of public relations for Rotary International of Cape Henry. In that job, he helps his community members in Virginia Beach promote themselves, but those same skills can be applied to people in music.

The industry is always evolving and Neam  is proud that he has been able to keep up over his almost decade-long journey within it. Now, he wants to bring other artists along for the ride as well, across all aspects of their career. They can get in the studio and record a song that might be a hit, but Neam  wants to be the person who makes sure that happens. It may seem like a more simple process to get a song recognized today, but Eddie Neam helps make sure that songs and artists have staying power, helping to establish on stage as well as on the charts.

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