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Samantina Zenon: An Actress Who Has Overcome Adversity


Storytelling is a crucial part of passing down information and cultural values within society. It’s an actor’s job to engage the audience and draw them into the story through authenticity and vulnerability. No one knows this better than Samantina Zenon. As a survivor of childhood abuse, Samantina has seen the worst sides of the world. However, she did not allow her past trauma to keep her from pursuing her dreams. Instead, she channeled it into her craft to better portray characters on stage and in film. Now, as an actress who has overcome adversity, Samantina is ready to share her journey to success. 

Samantina faced many rejections along the way. In fact, you could say every audition was some sort of doorway guiding her on her journey. “When the door’s closed, you have to learn to move on,” Samantina shares. “If you don’t, you may end up blocking the next blessing. I often tell myself that if I’m too comfortable, it’s time to set the bar higher. That’s the only way to get better.” The actress, who has more than 60,000 social media followers, knows that your actions in the waiting are what determine your success. Because of her persistence, her film and theater credits now include: Ghost Source Zero, Riddled, Ragtime (The musical), Zooman and The Sign, Faustus and many more.  

While Samantina has many accolades that showcase her success, she has learned that ultimately real success is pursuing every dream no matter what. “Even if you have to dream alone, keep dreaming,” the creative says. “That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am today.” Ultimately, Samantina hopes to be an inspiration to others, like her, who come from abusive, broken homes. Born and raised in Haiti, Samantina suffered abuse at the hands of her own family. In a recent video, she recounted several memories of physical and verbal abuse by her own mother. She found that only she could put in the work towards her own healing. After seeking out therapy in college, Samantina decided to become an advocate for other survivors. She hopes to use her platform as an actress and storyteller to open up a dialogue for other survivors so they too can get help and pursue healing. 

This survivor has certainly learned how to champion herself through challenges into success. “You face it constantly as an entertainer,” the actress shares. “It’s a competitive industry. I’ve found the greatest weapon against any challenge is adaptability. Don’t be afraid to try something new. There are options out there, you just have to explore.” In her own explorations, Samantina also became a content creator and has now worked with over 500 different brands. She promotes various beauty and skincare products through her social media platforms to encourage other women to embrace their beauty. Samantina distinguishes herself on these platforms through focusing her posts on positive, life-giving content. She wants to encourage her followers that they can truly have everything they want if they believe in themselves. “From my experiences, I’ve learned to be hardworking, have determination, and believe I truly can achieve anything.” Named one of the most influential content creators by Shape Magazine, Samantha believes she’s been given much to give to others.

As Samantina’s platform grows, so do her aspirations. “Let’s just say not even the sky’s the limit for me,” Samantina laughs. “I have big dreams and I will take the baby steps necessary to accomplish them. As an actress, I want to continue to produce and direct films and start my own production company. I am currently writing my first feature film. My ultimate dream is to produce films that tell authentic stories about culture, family dynamic and inspirational stories that make people think beyond the surface.” 

Actress Samantina Zenon knows what it is to show authenticity and vulnerability. She’s learned to live with her heart wide open and channel past hurts into present portrayals on screen. As a survivor of childhood abuse, Samantina has seen the worst sides of the world. However, she did not allow her past trauma to keep her from pursuing her dreams. Now, as an actress who has overcome adversity, Samantina knows that anything is possible for those who keep dreaming. 

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