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Pulsing with DJ/Music Producer ShyDot


When I catch up with ShyDot, the founder and CEO of PVNDILLA Records, I find him DJing at Elevation 27 and leading club goers as they dance to “KTM” by Carnage. ShyDot is expecting me and waves to me from across the room, then points off to the side. I push my way through the crowd, find a table, and wait as he finishes up the set and comes over to sit down with me and talk shop. With the music pounding, we both do our own fair share of yelling and repeating ourselves, but SHYDOT stays true to his reputation and remains patient and amiable.

SHYDOT has been in the music industry for over seven years, and I have come to find out how this Boston-born DJ, producer, and manager is fast becoming one of the most recognized names in Virginia Beach’s music scene. 

“I’ve gotten some great opportunities and have made connections with very helpful people,” SHYDOT shares. “I also ask a lot of questions and really try to listen to the people who are successful in this industry. I think they appreciate how willing I am to learn, and I’ve found a lot of good mentors, including Eddie “DJ Flip” Neam. Because of that, many doors are opening for me.”

Our conversation turns to PVNDILLA Records, SHYDOT’s record label based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. It’s long been his dream to have his own independent label, so as he collaborates with Eddie to scale it up, SHYDOT is clearly excited. “I am currently setting up the foundation for PVNDILLA, which is really a dream come true for me. I’ve got some entrepreneurial blood in me, so launching this is just awesome to do. It’s a ton of work, of course. I’m getting my artists and producers ready for their first singles, live performances, and special events. Once PVNDILLA rises to the surface, the label will continue to help upcoming artists and producers to reach their goals and to elevate their careers.”

SHYDOT pauses to reflect before speaking again. “It’s been a long seven years and has taken some time, but I’m finally able to start my record label after all these years. I really can’t tell you how great that feels.”

At PVNDILLA, SHYDOT works on both club and private events, and he is responsible for promoting, producing, and managing the label’s talent. “What was a truly fun time was SHY THE WOOK & Friends, which showcased upcoming artists and DJs,” he says. “ It attracted a big crowd, and as a DJ, there’s nothing better than having that much energy around you. All of those people dancing and enjoying the music just made me up my game even more. What a night that was!”

As SHYDOT looks ahead, it’s clear that he’s ready to take on any challenges the future has for him. “I have some major projects in the works, including my first single to be released this year. When that comes out, I am really going to celebrate because it will be a big accomplishment for me. As a musician, I’m really excited and am looking forward to this next chapter of my life. It’s just inexpressible that I will finally be able to start my record label and release my music. It will be a whole new chapter in my life.”

As SHYDOT gets up to go back to DJing, I ask him one last question: will he ever stop DJing?

That makes him smile. “No way,” he responds. “I might do it less as my production career takes off along with PVNDILLA, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop DJing completely.” He looks around at the club goers, clearly enjoying the scene. “It’s just way too much fun, don’t you agree?” And with that, SHYDOT is back DJing, cranking up the music and enjoying the pulsing energy along with his very appreciative crowd.

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