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RiseUp: Closing the Gap in Crypto Security


The cryptocurrency space can be volatile and precarious, lacking any guarantees of honesty or equity. Both scammers and honest investors alike are trying to take full advantage of this lack of restriction, which is what makes cryptocurrency a particularly attractive space for both groups. The hazardous landscape is part of what turns away so many potential investors that may otherwise be interested in increasing their wealth through crypto. That’s why RiseUp’s team of cryptocurrency experts – comprised of founder and head developer Davy Peeters, developers Heath Kessler and Abraham Jonathon, and partners Abdi Mohamed, Josip Eljuga, and Dave “The Whale” from Whale Hunters –  has been observing and analysing the digital currency space, including the manners in which it is exploited and abused, for solutions to fill the community’s desperate need for security.

RiseUp is a rapidly growing digital asset and crypto security solution with the aim of providing investors with hardline protection against cryptocurrency scams. Recently, RiseUp was listed on five exchanges, including CoinGecko, CMC, Poocoin, and DexTools, in a single week. “The RiseUp team is especially proud of this accomplishment,” says Davy Peeters. “It shows that RiseUp is meeting a real and desperate need in the crypto community.”

“Ever since we stepped into the age of Quantum Technology, crypto has solidified itself as a force to be reckoned with,” Peeters explains. “With that said, crypto has also sparked the interest of millions of people looking to scam investors out of their hard earned money.” This is where he sees RiseUp stepping in; they want to fill the void that has been missing for years and finally offer the crypto community some much-needed respite from such threats. “More than anything, we want investors to feel comfortable and confident in their transactions, to put their fears of fraud or deception behind them.”

Securing the Whole Crypto Community

The RiseUp team wants to furnish vulnerable clients with the security tools they need to keep on sailing, even in the most treacherous of waters. To do so, they are developing a secure new platform which will allow users to screen presale contracts for malicious coding. This will provide investors with a strong first line of defense against scammers and a sense of confidence in the authenticity of their investments.

To further increase security, they have developed and released a rug screen utility function – RugScreenerV1.1 – which allows users to enter contract addresses and screen them for malicious smart contract code, holders, and other possible scams. RiseUp knows how frustrating scams such as rugging can be; that’s why they are committed to ensuring that it never happens to anyone using their platform. They want to be an investor’s first and toughest mode of defense against scams and other predatory practices. 

What’s Next for RiseUp?

The RiseUp team has some exciting plans for the future. They plan to unveil several new features on their platform which they believe will help them accomplish their mission of bringing education and security to the entire crypto community. The first new feature they’re planning is a comprehensive, centralized space for investors to research crypto tokens before they buy them. The second new feature is a launch pad platform that would enable developers to filter and authenticate information, as well as to perform contract audits, before launching a presale. They want their new platform to serve as both a shield and shelter for investors to conduct crypto transactions in a safe, secure way.

RiseUp detects new obstacles and hazards nearly every day, but with every threat they uncover, they strengthen and reinforce the sweeping security of their platform. RiseUp is ready to supply the armor, guidance, and support that the crypto community so desperately craves, and in doing so, they hope to bring their company to the forefront of the crypto security field. “At RiseUp, we believe that you should never wait for an opportunity,” says Peeters. “Create your own lane that will lead you to your opportunities.”

Contact: https://t.me/riseup_officiall
Twitter: @RiseUp_Token

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