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Sam Freij Brings His Travels to Instagram

Sam Freij loves to travel. He enjoys the thrill of seeing new places so much that he has an Instagram page called Travel with Sam (@travel_with_sam) where he chronicles his adventures. The page that initially started as a hobby Freij has now grown to hundreds of thousands of followers, and it is catching the attention of worldwide travel experts. As he works to expand the page’s following, Freij hopes that people are aware of what he can provide, bringing must-see places right into your homes via your favorite gadgets.

Traveling isn’t Freij’s main job, but it is his passion. When he’s not working as an automotive industry manager, he’s going to a new place and exploring the scenery and food in the area. Most of his page is filled with different, beaches, foods, and drinks. Each post on the page details where Sam is or what he is cooking or eating, even if he’s not on vacation, with many posts highlight his homemade scratch Roman and Neapolitan style pizza. 

“I want people to feel like they’re traveling with me,” he explains. “Hopefully they like where I’m going or what I’m eating as much as I do and then they eventually try to experience the same thing themselves.”

Sam currently has more than 256,000 followers on his page and he loves to receive messages from those followers asking for his thoughts on islands and hotels in places like Cancun, Mexico among many others. Giving his followers advice and details on travel destinations is what the page is all about and Freij loves to help followers get a better idea of what places are like.

Travel with Sam has covered dozens of countries, but the most frequently visited destination is Cancun, Mexico. The page often showcases the beautiful resorts and beaches in the area along with the food and drink options that they offer. Press in Cancun has also noticed the page leading to some exciting networking opportunities.

The page has been featured by Hyatt Aruba and Intercontinental Presidente Cancun. With followers from all over the world, they hope to continue to gain opportunities with other media outlets across the globe to give exposure to the page, as well as to travel destinations in each publication’s area. 

The account’s follower base primarily comes from North America, but they also have plenty of followers from South America and Canada. The account’s reach even stretches as far as Russia. Having a diverse following has helped the account’s exposure and they hope to continue to gain followers from all over the world. Having such a diverse audience means people are almost always being exposed to something new through the page as well. 

The Travel with Sam account is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Freij gets to enjoy traveling to Cancun, the Caribbean Islands, and many other premiere destinations. Followers get an up-close look at the amazing locations and cultures and the travel spots get some amazing, free exposure on a digital platform. 

“They know me, they know what I do, they know what my page can do,” he explains. “It’s great exposure for them and it’s a great trip for me. I just really love the environment and I’ll never turn down the chance to visit.”

Those opportunities to travel continue to present themselves, and Freij will undoubtedly seize them. Followers can expect to see him in new and familiar areas each week, accompanying Freij on his excursions, helping Travel with Sam always live up to its name. 

For more information, follow the Travel with Sam page (@travel_with_sam) on Instagram.

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