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Top Tier Group Plays Their Part in the Fight Against COVID-19


Toronto-based Top Tier Group, led by Chief Executive Officer Michael Theodorou, started selling personal protective equipment, better known as PPE, during the pandemic through a new branch of the company known as Top Tier Safety Supplies. Founded in March of 2020, they continue to supply the equipment needed to fight the virus effectively for customers and countries all over the world. 


Top Tier has delivered close to two million PPE products throughout the pandemic. On their Shopify website, more than 20,000 products are sold, including equipment like masks and gloves. Affordability is a big part of the company’s sales pitch to customers and Theodorou says they are continuing to find ways to make operations cost effective and save their clients money. “We want everything to be as affordable as possible,” he says. “That’s what gets people to purchase equipment and also feel like they can come back and always rely on us.”

Most Popular Products

PPE and similar items are among the most popular items sold on Top Tier Safety Supplies’ website. Among the top ten best-sellers are masks, Lysol wipes, and multiple kinds of gloves. Theodorou says the pricing of these products is just one of the things that sets Top Tier apart from other companies. “One of our biggest focuses is making sure we’re offering these products at an affordable price,” he says. “That’s gonna be the first thing individual customers and even larger companies look at when they’re thinking about buying PPE.” 

Company Goals

Top Tier’s millions of PPE products sold spanned across a variety of companies and countries. Theodorou credits that global approach with the company’s success. “We could’ve just operated in Canada, but I think aiming high with the global approach really helped us grow,” he explains. “We’ve progressed so quickly and been able to come in contact with a variety of clients.” As the company moves forward with safety supplies, they hope to only continue to diversify their customer base. 

The Covid-19 Vaccine

In addition to medical and safety supplies, Top Tier also officially received MDEL License Level 3 certification in May to help bring COVID-19 vaccines to its clients in Canada. Outside of products that have been popularized by the pandemic, the company also supplies glasses, covers, bags, and skin care products to use, among many other products.

Other Businesses 

In addition to selling thousands of products through Top Tier Safety Supplies, Top Tier Group also operates more than a dozen companies offering innovative solutions, including local and international moving operations. International items can be shipped by Top Tier Airlink or Top Tier Containers by sea. In North America, Top Tier Moving has won multiple awards, including Modern Removals Company of the Year at the 2020 New World Report Awards. Top Tier also operates Mein Haus Staging, a home staging company that helps clients sell their vacant or occupied homes. 

Clients and Promotion

Across all their businesses, Top Tier Group’s client base includes several well-known companies and organizations, including Amazon, Popeyes, and the Government of Canada. On social media, they have a following of well over two million users on Instagram, quickly growing after hitting one million followers just a few months ago. The company has also been featured on several news channels, including The New York Times, CBC News, and Forbes

Getting recognized by those kinds of companies has also played an important role in the company’s growth. Most of all, Theodorou feels that self-promotion helps push the company forward. “You have to be able to have a following on a site like Instagram,” he says. “You can do so much in just one post, and I think with two million followers, that’s gonna be where we keep getting people on board with the company.” Top Tier has gotten millions on board with them already and as they continue to work in the safety equipment industry, they hope that following will help them continue to expand. 

For more information on Top Tier Safety Supplies, visit the company’s store at toptiersafetysupplies.myshopify.com. For information on all of the companies owned and operated by Top Tier Group, visit the company’s Instagram page at instagram.com/toptiergroupinc.

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