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What Gourmeatly Brings to the Table


      Meat plays a crucial role in the modern day diet. A versatile ingredient, the possibilities are endless when it comes to preparation. But with everything meat can do, the most important factor is where it comes from. Quality is a determining factor in how the meat will ultimately taste. At Gourmeatly, they know quality when they taste it. Paired with fast delivery, Gourmeatly is geared to be a main player within the meat provider industry.  

     Tackling the issue of shipping meat has never been easy. A highly perishable item, ideal temperatures and shipping standards are needed in order to achieve success. At Gourmeatly, every aspect of the shipping has been conducted through thorough research. The use of cryo-vac has provided Gourmeatly a way to further preserve the integrity of their meat. Prior to packaging, all meat is subjected to a thirty day aging process in order to achieve maximum preservation. Paired with dry ice,  Gourmeatly has provided their meat with the idyllic shipping accommodations. Meat that retains its texture throughout the shipping journey, Gourmeatly has succeeded in an area where others have failed. Shipping has long been an issue that most meat providers overlook. But by utilizing advancements made in shipping technology, Gourmeatly is able to guarantee their two to three day shipping promise. 

   Their shipping aside, Gourmeatly’s practice in the quality of their meats reigns supreme. By highlighting the importance of accessibility, they offer a wide range of meats as well as renewal options. At options of twice a month or once a month, being short of meat is a thing of the past. At Gourmeatly, clients have the best of both worlds in regards to how their meat is delivered. Choosing from either the expertly crafted boxes or their own tried and true favorites; Gourmeatly has arranged an avenue for everyone to enjoy. Valuing customer retention, they’ve provided a way for meat delivery before the issue even arises.       

    Foreseeing the issue of meat absence is just one way Gourmeatly is ahead of the competition. With their renewal schedule, clients get to enjoy quality meats in every sense of the word. Selecting through inventory, they’ve painstakingly sought out the highest quality of meat providers available. An array of possibilities, the distinct taste of quality is evident in every Gourmeatly product. From their heritage breed pork to the wild caught seafood; their approach to quality is uncompromisable. However, their attention to their beef is what has served them the best. By providing the option of grass fed-grass finished and grass fed-grain finished beef, Gourmeatly has allowed clients to explore new possibilities with their meats. In their grass fed-grass finished beef, it is suited for those who seek a health approach to beef. Their grass fed-grain finished beef comes packed with the marbling that has become traditional with beef. Armed with this wide range, there is a Gourmeatly product for all meat lovers to enjoy.

     Having excelled in both efficient shipping and quality control, Gourmeatly implements another aspect into their business. By partnering with GiveBackBox, Gourmeatly provides clients with more than just quality meat. Through this partnership, a portion of the meat purchase goes towards a charity of the client’s choice. Buying meat with charity benefits, this has opened a side of the business that hasn’t been explored. In addition, clients can also fill their old boxes with old household goods to donate. By implementing this, Gourmeatly offers a new approach to their business. 

    Gourmeatly is more than just a meat delivery, they are the way of providing meat. With all the advancements made in everyday life, they’ve sought out to find a way to innovate how people buy meat. An alternative delivery method but the same great taste, Gourmeatly’s changing the narrative on meat as a whole. 

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