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Ember Capital Group is Innovating the Real Estate Selling Process


When you need your property or home sold fast, Ember Capital Group has the answers!

Ember Capital’s team understands there is a segment of sellers who need the cash now, want to avoid paying fees to agents, lawyers and title companies and don’t have the time or money to renovate or make their home available for tours. 

Homeowners count on Ember Capital Group to purchase their properties directly for cash and close within 10-30 days.

Ember Capital Group incorporates a very fast and efficient approach to buying and selling houses that sets them apart from others in the residential real estate industry. Through their guaranteed sales program, they are able to make firm offers, allowing them to contract and close sooner. 

In addition, they enable sellers to move forward quickly by removing the hassles and pressures of selling their homes while removing the additional selling costs involved in traditional real estate transactions.

CEO Shawn Surani shares how he and his team are able to help clients benefit by working with Ember Capital. “Not only have we found a way to shorten the process, we also have cut closing costs and fees for the buyers and sellers.” he says.

It is a great time to sell your home with Ember Capital Group.  Their team of highly trained specialists are passionate, flexible, innovative and ready to serve.

Ember Capital Group is currently hiring and is looking for top level individuals to contribute across all departments in their company

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