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Jared Maples is A Multi-Talented Entrepreneur With a Heart to Serve


Giving back and making an impact is what true entrepreneurship is about.

Some might say that the ultimate goal in life is to get rich and live as far away from everyone else as possible, simply enjoying the pleasures of life each day until you die.

But for some entrepreneurs, this vision of life is narrow, unsatisfying, and makes zero impact on the world.

Instead, there are world-class entrepreneurs like Jared Maples who care deeply about family, making an impact, and giving back to a world that’s given them so much.

Jared Maples is the founder of multiple companies and 8-figure brands spanning from wellness, film and video, and backend subscriptions. He owns multiple companies, Revi Video (revivideo.com), Ecomsubs (ecomsubs.com), & Team Rebalance (teamrebalance.isagenix.com). 

“Team Rebalance (Isagenix) offers health and wellness products ranging from vitamins to collagen elixirs, shakes, and performance products. Revi Video offers professional video services for short form and long form content. Ecomsubs provides paid backend fan apps for celebrities and brands.”

He and his wife have led their wellness organization of over 45,000 people globally for the past 6 years. They have been recognized as global top income earners for the past 5 years. Jared has spoken to thousands all over the US on topics ranging from leadership development, effective communication, and systems for successful business. 

How has he scaled like this? It hasn’t been easy.

“Scaling and growing a team has been a struggle. Working with different personalities and skill sets always presents a tough situation when trying to get everyone focused on the same thing.”

“We were top 10 income earners under 25 in Isagenix for the first 4 years we were in business. We have created an 8 figure organization that pays thousands of people on a weekly basis.”

Along the way, Jared has kept his priorities straight and stayed true to who he is. He gives of his time and resources to organizations that he believes in and loves to help others. His family (wife and two baby boys) mean the world to him. His time with them is what drives him to succeed in all that he starts.

Jared is a movie entrepreneur as well and is passionate about a variety of entertainment projects. 

His video production company, Revi, has created content for some of the world’s largest brands which include AT&T, NFL, MLB, NHL, and Verizon. Jared has invested in 2 films, one of which was completed in 2020. He is currently working on his first feature film that will start shooting later this year. 

Jared explains his thoughts on the future of the home-based industry: “I feel strongly that home based businesses will continue to flourish and that video content is essential for any business given the lack of impersonal contact today. As far as apps for talent, that has been proven to be effective as fans want access to their idols and are and will continue to be willing to pay for that access.”

“Scaling and growing a team has been a struggle. Working with different personalities and skill sets always presents a tough situation when trying to get everyone focused on the same thing.”

Jared is a bonafide entrepreneur without question, and he’s learned a few lessons along the way. “Fail fast and learn from other people’s mistakes. Find a few mentors and stay close. Listen to their advice and follow in their footsteps. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and humble yourself to learn from those who have gone before you!”

Ultimately, Jared is a family man who realizes that money on its own doesn’t do anything; it simply opens opportunities to be with the people you love.

“Everything I participate in in my life gives me more time with my family. That’s my ultimate goal and something that is at the forefront of my mind when making the decision to start a business or take an opportunity.”

Learn more about Jared’s life and work at www.jaredmaples.com and follow him on Instagram! www.instagram.com/jaredmaples  

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