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Monica K. Coaching: Transformational Coaching for Real Estate Professionals

CEO Monica Edwards is a passionate transformational business and mindset coach dedicated to assisting real estate agents and other entrepreneurs by increasing their businesses as much as 25% to 50%. Monica Edwards states that her goal is to better the lives and businesses of high-performing professionals by reducing stress, fear, and overwhelm. This is accomplished by implementing proven systems, models, and leverage while developing a resilient, high-performance mindset.  Ultimately, this empowers clients to regain control of their lives and businesses so they don’t have to endure the ups and downs of the real estate business. Real estate professionals will actually learn to enjoy an increasing stream of steady income while living a life that they experience and enjoy.

Coaching begins with in-depth business analysis to determine what systems need to be implemented and how to incorporate success habits metrics tracking for measured success.  The company also looks at how their clients are currently spending their time and what kind of leverage is in place, along with their current skill set and mindset. Monica then assists real estate agents into production, using a results-oriented approach that is customized for each client, pulling from a variety of proven models and systems such as Ninja Selling, Dean Graziosi, and The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book to name a few. 

The transformational aspect of her business is best described as coaching the whole person by looking at how they view themselves and the world around them in order to create an empowered mindset. Most business coaches are the only coach to skill set and activities, models, and leverage. As a transformational coach, Monica really digs into how the client thinks. She explains that when we are born, we are unapologetically born. When we cry, we don’t care how loud it is or what the cry face looks like because we have not yet been introduced to the world of judgment.

Then, life happens to us, we experience things, people say and do things to us. These events and experiences are like bricks in a backpack, leaving us with residual, negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs. Beliefs such as, “I am not good enough” or “I can’t.”  When we then try to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, without dealing with these emotions and new beliefs, it’s like just tossing another brick in the backpack. Monica works with clients to overcome fears and beliefs that are limiting their ability to have a successful life and career. 

Monica’s beliefs were spurred from her “Decade of Devastation” as she calls it. She states that in one decade she experienced divorce and empty nest syndrome after raising her stepchildren, the loss of a twenty-three-year business and bankruptcy, the death of her father, the suicide of her former roommate, and an accident where she witnessed the death of her dog. When Monica thinks back, it seems like everything she had invested in and cared about was coming to an abrupt end. 

The difficulties of each event began to weigh on her. “At that point, I was unemployed and not employable,” Monica shares. “Not only was I financially bankrupt, but I was also emotionally, mentally, and physically bankrupt. She states that she was depressed, menopausal, overweight, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and a fast-food junkie who was indeed an anxious hot mess.”

Monica came to the conclusion that she had two options. She could either give in and give up or rise above. “I decided to seize the opportunity to evolve and overcome,” she shares. “That’s when I created my life’s mission statement: to live a life of service by helping others live their best life on their own terms by their own design.” Her life experience has proven to her that “life happens for us, not to us.” She knows firsthand that the greatest lessons we could ever learn are born from what the general population refers to as “failure.” Monica no longer believes failure even exists. She states, “There are no failures, there are only opportunities to learn.” 

Monica is able to connect with clients as she partners with them, forming strong bonds and creating a safe circle of trust, free of judgment.  The cool part of the transformational work that Monica is certified to conduct is that the clients actually enjoy the process,  which empowers them to “get out of their own way.” Monica shares that this process helps her clients close the gap between where they are in life and where they really want to be. They go from being overwhelmed to having clarity, focus, and drive to really close that gap. 

Monica K. Coaching uses a holistic, well-rounded approach to guide other professionals in letting go of limiting beliefs, healing from the past, loving the present, and absolutely ruling the future as they release their full potential in key areas of their lives. “Let’s just accept it, we all have had experiences and relationships that have left us with negative beliefs and assumptions about ourselves,”  Monica emphasizes. “It’s time to get rid of some of those bricks in the backpack and hash out all of those emotions so that we can show up and do great things, both in our personal and professional lives.”

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