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Paul Zaichik is Relentless in Helping People Achieve Their Fitness Goals

World Renowned Fitness and Flexibility Expert, Paul Zaichik is the Founder of ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning, EasyFlexibility, and Zaichik Stretching Techniques. With a background in kinesiology, these techniques were specifically developed through his extensive research in muscle anatomy. Paul has written about this topic for many years, demonstrating the efficacy of these techniques. Throughout his 20 years in the field, he has worked with countless athletes of all kinds. His ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning program is used worldwide by both professionals and amateurs with great success.

For people that haven’t yielded great results from other stretching routines, this program is different because it is designed to isolate muscle actions, one by one, to ensure they are moving. These techniques are conducive to furthering athletic capabilities and for increasing the range of motion in individuals with limited mobility. These stretching techniques can quickly be integrated into your current routine for easy, fast results. 

Paul explains that he uses a movement system called “Target and Leverage” which allows the muscle to stretch or wiggle at each movement. Zaichik Stretching Techniques are combined with special retention exercises that maintain the flexibility gained in every training session. Each technique isolates and elongates the muscle along its anatomical line of pull. 

Each stretch is designed to target one muscle at a time, translating into a very safe and rejuvenating experience for your whole body. This technique focuses on the tighter muscles first. Tight muscles translate into easy injuries. Focusing on the muscle that is hindering progress, will allow you to move forward and avoid potential injuries. Implementing this method into your routine will make stretching more enjoyable and leave you feeling renewed with the perfect balance of energy and calm.

At first glance, these postures might resemble something you might see in a yoga class, but the difference is the attention to detail on the muscle movements rather than achieving a certain pose. Not to mention, yoga focuses on several muscle groups at a time, therefore it takes much longer to achieve increased flexibility. However, incorporating these techniques and using Paul’s knowledge of muscle movement will help you achieve better results from yoga. Countless yoga teachers have taken what they have learned from EasyFlexibility and used it in their studios. In fact, these methods are now being taught by certified instructors in martial arts dojos, gymnastic gyms, wellness centers, and dance studios.

EasyFlexibility offers over a hundred different programs for individuals that want to increase their flexibility and for athletes that need to maintain a certain amount of flexibility in order to perform well. Each stretch is designed to be pain-free, eliminating discomfort and allowing you to continue training to achieve faster results. This holistic program provides lasting results and it’s actually fun! You will quickly see results and experience the benefits of added flexibility that you can show off. 

Visit Easyflexibility’s testimonials to hear clients share their experiences using this program. You will see a variety of individuals that have achieved amazing results. Some claim to have started with zero flexibility while others were relatively flexible but have used this program to further their performance in an activity they love. The best thing about this program is that you can incorporate it into your life effortlessly and advance in so many areas. If you are interested in taking your flexibility goals to new heights, visit

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