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Top Tier Group of Companies: Great Pricing and Speed


Top Tier Group of Companies is a worldwide transporter and product supplier within several markets. Top Tier is the controlling company of five other top-notch businesses, including Top Tier Airlink, Top Tier Containers, Mein Haus Staging, Top Tier Safety Supplies, and Top Tier Moving. Each subdivision of the company offers services that are in great demand. Top Tier Group of companies works to outperform and outshine other suppliers with their first-class customer service and methodical execution. 

Michael Theodorou, the CEO, explains, “ Not only is there a need for these services, but there is also a need for these services to be restored and streamlined.” Top Tier has tons of raving reviews about their amazing customer service. 

Top Tier has rapidly expanded through their modernization of services and adaptability, now offering over 20,000 products available for their customers directly on their website.Their products ship from strategically placed warehouses in North America.The company’s newly acquired warehouse is located in Ontario, Canada. The company deliberately makes decisions that will positively affect its clients and customers. 


Dedicated to logistics, Top Tier seems to be one step ahead in every aspect of systematization. Their main objective in acquiring their new warehouse is to be the most streamlined and productive logistics and distribution company they can possibly be. The business offers its services to companies and individual shoppers. Because of this, Top Tier can assist with moving and storage needs, across Canada and abroad. They provide quality storage containers and offer global air freight services. The company will also unpack and dispose of packing materials.

Top Tier also offers to stage through their luxurious company, Mein Haus. Mein Haus is a certified advanced staging company that helps sellers in the housing market increase the value of their homes. Top Tier’s contemporary marketing team stages homes to attract prospective buyers. Mein Haus has a very practical approach to everything they offer, providing top-notch customer service and catering to the precise needs of every client. The company contributes this to hiring the most equipped employees for every aspect of the company, from their designers to the warehouse, to their live customer service representatives. 

MDEL Licence Level 3 certification

Just last May, Top Tier officially received its MDEL Licence Level 3 certification.  Top Tier had already predicted the needs of its citizens and had secured their license to distribute. 

This certification allowed Top Tier to effectively deliver COVID-19 vaccines to more clients when Canadian citizens needed it the most. The previous year Top Tier broadcast their opening of Top Tier Medical Supplies. Again, anticipating the need quickly turned into desperation for PPE. 

Sellers of PPE supplies

Because Top Tier is dedicated to bettering the lives of their clients and customers, they decided to take on the responsibility and launch Top Tier Medical Supplies in March of 2020 when the pandemic began. The new corporation was primarily established to help countries in different parts of the world fight the COVID-19 pandemic by making quality PPE items easily accessible to them. In addition, they were also able to assist and do business with hospital brokers, surgeons, and pharmacies as well as front-line workers and hospitality chains. Top Tier saw the need for PPE and COVID-19 vaccines delivery and tried their best to stay ahead of COVID-19 to save lives. 

North American Business Award

The company earned the North American Business Award because of its great pricing, speed, and ability to predict and fulfill client needs. Each division of the company works together with teams of highly qualified, technologically savvy, and imaginative individuals. The CEO and other executives are also supportive of their employees.

 It is obvious that the company continues to lean on the ethics the company was founded on. Top Tier is an international exporter and product supplier within multiple markets. The company continues to understand the ever-changing needs of its clients and strives to meet the demands of every customer. Top Tier is very analytical with every service they set out to provide, promising that their customers will be completely satisfied along the way. From the warehouse to their live customer service representatives, everyone is on board with the morals and ethics of the Top Tier mission, and it shows. 

For more information on Top Tier Safety Supplies, visit the company’s store at toptiersafetysupplies.myshopify.com. For information on all of the companies owned and operated by Top Tier Group, visit the company’s Instagram page at instagram.com/toptiergroupinc.

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