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Joseph Lizyness is Leveraging His Investment Successes to Build a Better World


Business consultant and angel investor Joseph Lizyness is looking for a way to change the world. He is also a US Army veteran, an author, and a fervent supporter of giraffe conservation efforts; now that he’s achieved some success, he wants to use his gains in the field of investment and advising to promote and support the causes that he really cares about. “To me, the money has always been a means to a greater end; I don’t want to sit on wealth, I want to use it to accomplish something good. When you have the resources, you can make a real impact, and I think you have a responsibility to.”

From Intelligence Analysis to Business Advising

Joseph’s journey began when he joined the Army at 18, going on to serve 4 years as an intelligence analyst. Though he initially struggled to transition to the civilian world after his time in the Army, he went on to work as a contractor at FBI Quantico, which he felt was “a perfect fit” for him. Thinking back on the journey so far, Joseph notes that “It’s been kind of a rollercoaster.” In his capacity as a startup advisor, Joseph offers guidance to tech startups on raising equity crowdfunding through sites like wefunder.com, republic.co, and startengine.com. As an angel investor, he supported prominent tech startups such as Snowball, a company that is currently changing the world with decentralized finance.

His successes as an investor and advisor have brought him some renown. He’s been a consultant to the US Government in various roles, particularly in Project Management, and he sits on several advisory boards. Joseph is now the proud co-founder of Eagle Atlas, a consulting firm that specializes in advising clients on setting productive goals, making big career changes, and running companies of various sizes and stages of development. Their goal is to help individuals and companies find the right direction and maximize their potential. Eagle Atlas offers an online Blueprint to Success tool to help individuals and companies of all sizes obtain their goals. The blueprint is available for all to use on their website.

Success and Social Responsibility

Over the years, Joseph has come to be passionate about a wide variety of causes. Through both private investments and his company, Eagle Atlas, Joseph plans to leverage his investment and consultation successes to bolster support for the issues he really cares about. He plans to create partnerships with a wide range of non-profits dedicated to issues such as veteran care, cleaning the oceans, and giraffe conservation.

As a US Army veteran, caring for veterans has come to be an incredibly important cause for Joseph. To make a bigger impact, he’d like to work with the military to help veterans transition back to civilian life. “One of the ideas we had was a certification program that educates you on basic skills for success in the modern world,” Joseph says. “How to start a business and raise equity crowdfunding, a basic introduction to programming in Python, things like that. We understand firsthand the struggle of becoming a civilian again. It’s hard to know what you want to do after the uniform comes off.” He’s also looking into hosting events with members of the military for mentorship opportunities, so that when they leave service, they are properly equipped and prepared to take on the civilian world. 

Joseph would like to partner with the US Army and work with their recruiting leadership to revamp their recruiting tactics for a new era. “New recruits are incredibly tech-savvy, and it’s going to be a challenge to obtain recruits from Gen Alpha and Gen Z,” he explains. With his experience in tech, Joseph would like to help spearhead how the military approaches recruiting in the modern age.

Building Businesses and Giving Back

Joseph believes the best part about success is being able to give back and help create a better world. “There are many problems in the world that need solving,” Joseph says. “If we all put our successes towards supporting the causes we care about, the world would be much better off.” Joseph is glad to be able to provide support for these important issues, and he hopes he can inspire other investors to follow his lead.

Check out Joseph Lizyness on his website and on LinkedIn. You can follow him on Twitter @josephlizyness or Instagram @lizynessj. His articles can be found on Medium and his book, Angel Investing with $100, can be found on Amazon. See how Eagle Atlas can help you at https://www.eagleatlas.com/.

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