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Major League Profits Helps Sports Card Enthusiasts Build a Business


You don’t always get what you deserve in life, but you’ll get what you settle for. 

Suppose you’re a young entrepreneur in your 20’s with big dreams and limitless vision, but you are working at a job that’s draining your potential and future. You have two choices; You can either settle or risk it all.

Eric Michael and Jon Suarez chose to risk it all, and the benefits have been profound. The two entrepreneurs began as students taking the traditional job route. 

While Eric was doing an internship at a finance company, he realized this would be his life if he didn’t come up with another plan. Jon always wanted to be a teacher, but he didn’t want to teach a core subject at a traditional school. 

While Jon watched videos on YouTube about emerging industries, an advertisement came on creating a digital marketing agency. It clicked – Jon wanted to help other emerging entrepreneurs through digital marketing. He suddenly realized a fundamental truth about business: if you help other people get what they want out of life, eventually you’ll get what you want too.

Jon dedicated himself to learning as much as he could about digital marketing. When he met his college housemate, Eric, they instantly connected, realizing they had similar ideas about starting a business and mentoring others. 

 Eric and Jon had a crash course in business before turning 24. 

Eric and Jon faced a great deal of trial and error getting started as most business owners do. They created an online store on Amazon, costing them $10,000. After that, they got into dropshipping and had their first profitable store in May of 2019, generating about 60k a month. 

Unfortunately, they experienced a substantial setback with their supplier, costing them $30k. They then tried their hand at real estate but decided it wouldn’t work because they didn’t have a steady flow in profit. Eric and Jon decided to move to Florida to reevaluate their business plans. In March of 2020, they founded Major League Profits. Eric and Jon had a crash course in business before they had even turned 24. 

MLP offers guidance and tons of inside connections. 

Major League Profits is a coaching program that teaches people how to make money buying and selling sports cards. “Our biggest thing is one on one guidance and holding someone’s hand until they are profitable,” Eric and Jon explain. “We also offer tons of inside connections into the industry that help with grading, buying, and selling sports cards.” The value of these cards has steadily increased since 2010, and there’s no telling how much they will continue to grow. Their value has increased by 200%  every year, and it is now an 80 billion dollar industry! 

Eric and Jon had already invested in selling these cards for six years before organizing the idea into a business plan. One of the best things about this industry is that the sports card market is not over-saturated. With less competition, it increases someone’s chance of succeeding that much easier. 

They made $3000 on the first day of business, and by the end of 2 months, they made a six-figure return. “We have helped people quit their jobs and have taught hundreds more how to create a sustainable side income,” Eric and Jon explain. “We also are the only mentorship program that is willing to guarantee ROI in the contract.”

Eric and Jon are dedicated to inspiring and educating others about making it in the business world.

It’s always been part of Eric and Jon’s plan to help others find their passion. So, once they saw theirs, they knew they had to start a coaching program to teach others how to succeed on their own in the sports card industry. The program has already helped over 200 entrepreneurs by sharing everything they have learned from traveling the country and going to shows. 

The first section of the course requires you to visit their site to learn about making your interests into a full-time job. Eric and Jon are dedicated to inspiring and educating others about making it in the business world. They leave us with this advice, “Invest in the knowledge that will give you skills to create a business that will print you money. The richest people on this planet all have one thing in common – they are business owners.” 

For more information, visit Home – Major League Profits.

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