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Dr. Vipin Gupta Reveals the Key to a Joyful Life in What Is Human Factor

In What Is Human Factor, book 8 in the 12-book series published under Project VIPIN, Dr. Gupta discusses how humanity can overcome the discord and stress seen in our societies, environments, and economies. No matter the advancements that humanity achieves, he says, we are always searching for something that will solve our ills but that remains out of our grasp. What seemingly eludes us, Dr. Gupta believes, is actually found within us and in who we really are in the eyes of Mother Nature. 

Has there ever been a point in time when humanity wasn’t searching for happiness, when we weren’t seeking fulfillment and peace? Dr. Gupta notes. “Take the works of literature from the Shakespeare and Tolstoy eras, and you are struck by how similar the people back then were to us today. Hundreds of years ago, they were plagued by the same questions we ponder now. How do we find contentment? Are we part of something bigger? It’s very telling that we never seem to be able to truly answer those questions, don’t you think?”

The human factor, Dr. Gupta states, is behind the turbulence in our world. “The human factor is the human force or the force that makes you human,” he explains. “It is the factor that makes you different from the femininity of Mother Nature. Therefore, it is the masculinity within us. In males, masculinity is identified by the Y chromosome. In females, the Y chromosome is hidden because females have the potential to give birth to a male by illuminating that hidden Y-chromosome.” 

Masculinity, he continues, makes you human because masculinity animates you with the discordant energy and makes you the consumer of the gifts of Mother Nature. “It makes you believe that Mother Nature’s gifts are constant and the overall energy of those gifts is constant; therefore, it motivates you to design innovative and creative ways to legitimize your control over natural endowments.”

Dr. Gupta says that this leads to growing power inequities. The entire history of humanity is a testament to human efforts to control everything and be omnipotent.

Dr. Vipin shows how this plays out in our lives in ways both big and small. “Think, for example, about the scientific field,” he suggests. “What you have is a few scientists dominating the whole field with their ideas, and everyone else follows them. A few people establish the thinking for the rest of humanity, yet are we really meant to blindly follow it? Or, has Mother Nature gifted us with the potential to think for ourselves and test established lines of thought? How do we feel when we do not utilize our right to have and express our own ideas? Discontent, indeed.”

His work shows every human being has within them the desire to challenge accepted norms and to not automatically fall in line. “New scientists, for example, want to revisit those beliefs so that they can determine for themselves whether they should agree with them and fall in line or dispute them. There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with falling in line – the sky is blue, after all, and there is no need to challenge an idea like that. Likewise, testing an established idea is not wrong, either. Where the potential pitfall lies, however, is when someone is motivated by their own vanity and their desire to become the new god of science.”

People, Dr. Gupta explains, look to others to find their contentment instead of finding it within themselves. “As soon as anyone, such as Elon Musk, makes it to the top, we idolize them and strive to copy their behaviors,” he explains. “Yes, of course, we can learn from them. However, if we make that yardstick for success, we end up living a passive life instead of enjoying our ability to be our own hero or our own maker of our destiny.”

Mother Nature, Dr. Gupta states, has gifted each of us with the ability to be either a creator or the creation. “We actually have the ability to decide which one we will be, and that makes an enormous impact on our lives. As the creator, you can actively determine your own destiny, mood, divinity, and eternity. As the creation, we believe there is a creator above us, and this places us in more of a passive position. Choosing which one we will be can make all the difference in our lives.”

Part of a person’s ability to live a life as a creator involves tapping into the higher knowledge surrounding this world. “We must decide to align ourselves with Mother Nature,” Dr. Gupta says. “We dwell in nature’s presence everyday but must choose to reconnect with it.”

When we do, he continues, we enter a process of envisioning, reasoning, and connecting our senses with the higher knowledge that lies within the corners of our eyes. “We often fail to see it and thus miss out on the power it can provide us with,” says Dr. Gupta. “In order to find contentment and really become who we are meant to be, we must be more open-minded and sacrifice our egos. We simply do not know everything we think we know.”

Once this new knowledge comes into our minds, he explains, a whole new way of living is opened up to us. “You begin to see yourself, your place in the universe, and the people around you in a completely different way. You realize that you have been depriving yourself of true happiness because you have been subconsciously closing your mind to a world that has more possibilities than you could ever imagine.”

Through Mother Nature’s gift, Dr. Gupta reveals, you can live on a higher level and take control of your destiny. “This is when bliss enters your life, and I am determined to help everyone understand this so that they can see their lives be transformed.”

Professor Vipin Gupta is Professor of Management and Co-Director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. 

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If you would like to read more of Dr. Gupta’s insights into how you can experience true happiness in your life, please check out his eight books in Project VIPIN: What is Divine Energy, What is Present Reality, Is Present Reality, Is Divine Energy, What is Consciousness, What is Para-Consciousness, What is Self-awareness, and What is Human Factor.

All are now available on Amazon and elsewhere as paperback, hardcover, digital, and audible forms.

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