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Proactive Realty Group Works to Change Communities by Creating Profitable Investment Opportunities in Affordable Housing

Led by Dr. Van Williams, The Proactive Realty Income Fund team represents experts in multifamily and manufactured home real estate and investment management. The team manages investments in multifamily real estate in class C properties for lower income communities.  

The Fund was launched in Spring 2019 with the core mission to improve and build resiliency into the fiber of lower income communities, addressing both the structural and human costs of racial and socioeconomic disparities that plague communities throughout the country. This mission is matched by the extensive professionalism, diligent work ethic, and human touch offered by the Proactive team. Strategies employed in each market and community in which Proactive invests are matched by market-leading and robust returns for Proactive’s growing investor base. Unlike other real estate funds in the market, the Proactive Fund truly lives by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles that must define the sustainability of communities across the country, particularly those that are lower income. 

“Investors can clearly see the intrinsic value in this kind of investment,” the Proactive team notes. “We are one of the few ESG funds that can legitimately transform communities.” 

Competitive Returns for Investors 

Operating today in three distinct regions – the North, the South, and the East – The Proactive Realty Group supports their investors by matching outcome-oriented initiatives with dependable returns.  The Proactive Realty Group provided double-digit returns to its investors in 2020 during a pandemic with zero distribution interruptions and 100% rent collection. “Our future returns will increase substantially over 2020’s returns as we continue to add more affordable housing units to the ProActive Income Fund’s portfolio,” Dr. Van Williams adds.  

Proactive Realty Group Return Profile (2020-2021 YTD1) 
12021 YTD is as of 12/5/2021 

By providing communities with affordable housing options, Proactive improves safety, stability, and economic security. These metrics are the ROI and other indicators that build and sustain communities.  

Gentrification, climate change, and other social issues are coming to the forefront, and addressing them is now becoming an important facet of successful business models.These issues negatively impact all populations, especially those in underserved communities. Proactive offers residents a better quality of life. Without working two or three jobs, residents can focus on their families, save for the future, build wealth, and experience social mobility. 

Creating profitable opportunities for investors in disadvantaged communities is the most efficient way to optimize funds for positive changes needed in these areas without gentrification. The ESG space is projected to expand with stakes in clean energy, affordable housing, and clean water solutions, creating a new wave of technology and investing with a positive social impact. Younger generations looking to invest are not only aware of these issues but now consider them essential to long-term business decisions. 

The Proactive Realty Group Team 

Dr. Van Williams has 23 years of experience and has bought, sold, and repositioned over $30 million in commercial multifamily and residential real estate. Michael Zajas is a leader in investments and acquisitions. In the last six years, he has worked with startup ventures and created investment strategies for real estate projects. Cora Rogers has over 45 years of real estate experience in Oakland, Sacramento, and Chicago. She is an expert in management, repositioning properties, and impacting surrounding communities.  

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