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Sienna Wagonon: Stop Living In Silence

After a horrific incident five years ago, Sienna Wagnon decided she would share her story of domestic violence. This article focuses on raising awareness about domestic violence that often takes place in private, hidden from friends and family. The need to hide abuse often stems from shame and social stigma. 

Both physical and psychological forms of abuse have a profound effect on a victim. There is a great deal of risk involved for both partners. Not to mention, children that grow up in these circumstances.  

Though stories of domestic violence are hard to hear, they serve a greater purpose. Other people’s experiences also educate and empower victims and everyone in the community. They shed light on the secret a victim often feels they have to hide. The problem is that hiding abuse prevents people from getting the help they need to leave that situation and prevents the abuser from accountability. 

Why People Don’t Report Abuse

So many victims choose to stay silent because they want to stay in the relationship, afraid they will be judged. Telling others about abuse is extremely difficult. Those who have been in abusive relationships are often embarrassed or feel that they are burdening others. 

Many also feel that because they took part in the relationship that they will be blamed or shamed for going back to their abuser. There are studies that suggest that this type of mentality is a genuine threat to victims. That’s another reason it’s so important to educate people about domestic violence. 

The cycle of domestic abuse is insidious. It’s difficult to leave a partner that has so stealthily manipulated another person. The hope is that with more education and awareness, people will see that the victim is not to blame and instead holds the abuser accountable. The more people who understand domestic violence and how prevalent it is, the less stigma there will be. 

Feeling Anxious

One of the most prominent feelings associated with leaving an abusive relationship is anxiety. The victim has developed a belief that no one else will love them. This belief is often started and reinforced by the abuser. Not to mention, all the time that was invested in this person. It feels like your dreams have been shattered. 

Social Responsibility

Many abusers are often charming narcissists. They hold high-level jobs and their co-workers don’t see the dark side of these often respected individuals. Abusers are very good at surface-level superficial relationships where they only have to interact with others for a short amount of time and are not fully captured. 

As a society, we must hold abusers accountable for their actions. While there are many parts of all people, if a person could assault another person, they are bad for a brand. If someone represents a company whose mission is to help others, but hires, endorses, or supports a person who is convicted of hurting others, those companies and co-workers should be held accountable for who and what they are endorsing. 

Many of us have a daughter, sister, or friend we want to keep safe in the event they crossed paths with someone who attacked and assaulted another person in a crime of passion. Abusers should be held accountable in all social areas of life in an effort to deter them from hurting anyone else again. 

For more information, you can reach Sienna through her social media pages: 

Sienna (@sienna_wagnon) • Instagram photos and videos

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