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Tristan Bishop Pan: With AI, the Medical World Will Be Dramatically Different


As advancements in the metaverse, blockchain technology, and digital currency are unveiled seemingly daily, Tristan Bishop Pan advises people to keep an eye on Cathy Wood. “If you’re not sure who she is, she is the one who predicted the Tesla stock increase and the Bitcoin surge. I’d say this woman has been on point with almost all of her predictions.”

Tristan Bishop Pan says that Cathy Wood buys things when everyone else seems to be failing at it. “She bought DocuSign when everybody was crashing out of it. This woman knows what she’s doing. She’s the head of a company called Ark Investment Fund. She made hundreds of millions of dollars on the Tesla stock rise because she predicted that it would do exactly that.” 

Tristan Bishop Pan believes Cathy Wood is important to watch because she predicts that within the next five years, Bitcoin will rise to $500,000 per coin. As of December 7, the coin market cap of Bitcoin was $51,000. 

“Cathy Woods is predicting that in five years, it’ll be worth half a million dollars per coin,” Tristan Bishop Pan says. “Why is she so confident? Remember that Cathy Woods has also said that within the next ten years, the enterprise base of data, or the data that artificial intelligence will bring with it to the enterprise space, will result in an $80 trillion market cap in AI and crypto.”

Her projection is shared by her company and all the people with all the titles and degrees behind their name, Tristan Pan adds. “You really have to think about what she’s saying and the ramifications of it. It is a vast space because you’re talking about the ability to combine data with artificial intelligence and teach it entirely new things.”

Tristan Bishop Pan continues, “So, for example, one of the things that she sees happening is bio learning in technology. Scientists will create nanobots that will be able to teach your body how to attack unhealthy cells, like cancer cells and viruses. Currently, what we do is have our bodies hack viruses, which is very different.”

The exciting innovations on the horizon, Tristan Bishop Pan believes, will mean that we’re going to leave behind the treatment of bacteria, viruses, and phage beings with medications that are designed to attack indiscriminately across the board. “Those cause lots of harmful damage along the way. Instead, with AI, along with things like blockchain technology and quantum computing, we will be able to teach nanobot technologies how to specifically attack targeted cells so that no other cells are damaged in the process.”

The ramifications of this are staggering, Tristan Bishop Pan thinks. “First off, an $80 trillion market cap makes this the largest portion of our economy – of anyone’s economy. More than that, though, understand that in a world where we can target specific viruses and their cells without harming other parts of your cells, we are ultimately talking about an elixir or cure all.” 

Granted, back during the Great Expansion, snake-oil salesmen used to sell things that they told their customers could cure them of anything and everything. “It was all junk, of course, but what if we could actually do that now?” Tristan Bishop Pan asks. “What if being able to cure anyone of any disease is only a couple of decades away? It would do away with medicine as we know it.”

Tristan Bishop Pan recalls when people used to say that being a doctor was a very safe job choice. “We thought that this profession would always be needed no matter what happened in the world, but that may not be the case anymore. At the speed at which medicine and technology are innovating, nerds will rule because we will be able to treat anything and everything. What use will doctors be if we reach this point? Will we find out?”

Tristan Bishop Pan returns to Cathy Wood and her predictions for Bitcoin and AI. “So, she’s saying we will be at trillions of dollars in that space and $500,000 on Bitcoin. That now sounds like a world-changing event, right? We are all living in a cataclysmically amazing time of existence. Each year in front of us, each day, is going to unveil what a whole new order for our world will look like, and we are all valuable witnesses to it.”

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