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MirrorWater Entertainment Launches a Series about Women Shaping the Future

Empowered is a six-part documentary series about women in underrepresented industries from all over the world. Christian Rose is the co-founder and CEO of MirrorWater Entertainment. She discusses changes in the film industry and her new series. 

“We are going through a massive change in the industry. Independent filmmaking has gotten a lot harder because of the pandemic and the growth of streaming services. That said, there are voices and creative artists who will find new ways to create their paths to tell their stories. It’s reminiscent of when television was first introduced. Everyone thought the film industry was dead. We now realize there will always be new ways to consume entertainment,” Christina says.

Christina believes it won’t be the major blockbuster movies that will be remembered. She believes the content that will be remembered will come from independent voices who have said something significant about moments in time. “If the film industry doesn’t support these independent voices, we will have made a huge mistake. This is what I’m trying to avoid, and that’s why MirrorWater Entertainment focuses on independent, diverse voices. I am an independent filmmaker, and I can tell you changes are coming that will rattle our industry,” Christina explains.

Empowered: Women Shaping the Future

Women comprised 20% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 100 (domestic) grossing films. Because there is a lack of women in the industry, stories are not being told through a women’s lens. With women representing 50% of movie watchers, there’s a tremendous gap in the industry yet to be fulfilled. 

Empowered is about six extraordinary yet down-to-earth women who are at the forefront of defining new boundaries and new opportunities. Because of their determination, they have shattered glass ceilings. 

Six Empowered Women

Christina met a remarkable young woman in the middle of nowhere Alaska who was living in a remote fishing village inhabited by bears to run a fishing business. “She endures harsh weather and sea conditions to focus on environmental and sustainable hook-and-line fishing since Alaska is one of the last places on earth where wild salmon still thrive. She said she has learned a lot about herself and how important her work is to preserving our planet.”

In Germany, Christina filmed an episode that featured an astrophysicist who is working toward becoming the first German woman to leave Earth and explore space. “She is completely dedicated to learning more about what lies beyond what we know of the universe,” Christina remembers. “There are incredible barriers that must be overcome, and we captured them as well as her backstory, making her dream even more poignant.”

Christina tries to explain the energy at the Formula 3 racetrack in Sepang, Malaysia, where she met a Hungarian female driver who reveled in keeping up with her male competitors. “She’s making a lot of waves, Christina explains. She is willing to just jump in and go breakneck speed.” Even after flipping a car six times, she was dead set on making it back to the tracks. She won second place in her next race. 

In Puerto Rico, Christina spent a great deal of time interviewing the first woman to play in the men’s baseball league. She also manages a girls’ softball team. “The kids clearly respected her,” she recalled, smiling at the memory. “She’s able to hit a baseball ball a lot further than some men, and her girls get so excited when she nails it. She has spent a lot of time using softball to teach them skills they can use away from the field.”

In Finland and Australia, Christina followed a Chinese/New Zealand orchestra conductor who had music in her soul. “Artists and musicians have strong emotions, but Tianyi is so masterfully calm and focused that it’s not surprising that she leads orchestras in concert halls all around the world. However, since she left China and grew up in New Zealand, the search for her identity is on full display when she conducts Dvorjak’s Symphony 9, “From the New World,” and I think it is what many immigrants can relate to. She is so incredibly talented.”

A pilot from Mumbai, India, discusses her challenge in defying cultural stereotypes. She is the youngest woman to command the largest single-engine jet in the world; she confided that she has at times struggled to gain the respect of her male peers,” Christina states. “She has shown exceptional courage in going through all of the training and getting her license so that she could take her place in the cockpit. 

Just as remarkable, is the creator behind the series. Christina was told over and over that no one would be interested in the series, but she didn’t let rejection stand in the way. The film industry is underrepresented and far from giving women a fair shot. With a diverse crew, she managed to pull off what others said was impossible. This series teaches women to take on challenges and will inspire anyone who’s ever been told they aren’t good enough. “We are currently hoping to partner with women’s organizations around the world and will hold another special screening for International Women’s Day in 2022. It is also available for streaming on MirrorWater Entertainment for those who can’t wait.”

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