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Prio Is a Powerful Solution for Contract and Client Management

Running a business is hard. Running a business online, with fully remote employees, can be even harder. But there’s an emphasis on “can.” It doesn’t have to be. 

Prio Simplifies the Process of Remote Work 

Online work requires online tools, which Prio designs with excellence. “For us, success is connecting people worldwide, and creating seamless communication across all business relationships,” Derek Abram states. The CEO and Founder of Prio is an expert in business management, SAAS tools, and helping employees and employers acclimate to remote work. 

These tools were built out of real-life experiences… and the pain that often comes along with online work. “Prio is the product of running a service company. Each feature the team built resulted from difficulty or lost profit due to a lack of organization, visibility or communication. We knew thousands of companies across the globe ran into the same issues, so we decided to make our tools available to the world. Since then, we have continued to solve customer issues by adding more and more options under one roof.”

Applications for Any Situation

Remote work is the new norm, and it’s time for most companies to adjust to this reality. “Companies should focus on features that will have the highest impact and provide the greatest ability to assimilate into users’ existing workflow,” Derek emphasizes. It’s important to have a choice in this process. Prio’s remote team is continually improving its offerings as well. “It’s important that businesses have several options to customize and streamline processes,” Derek explains. “Don’t pay for tools you don’t need that create clutter and confuse workers.” 

Everything You Need

Communication is essential for any remote company, especially across time zones and internationally. “We build software that makes these tasks easier by offering free time tracking software, time clock calculator, and invoicing software,” Derek adds. As someone who works closely with companies across the world, he’s experienced this need firsthand. 

The company also offers invoice customization. Workers can customize rates, schedule changes, and see weekly inline cost and income values. Establish invoices in advance for remote workers and clients so you can go in and make the appropriate adjustments and approve them. Give clients access to a branded analytics dashboard for quick and easy transactions. 

It’s Go-Time for Remote Companies 

Going remote doesn’t have to be hard. “We take the design discipline very seriously,” Derek states. The tools you use should simplify your work not complicate it. Managing contracts and clients doesn’t have to be difficult. Using the right tools can help you grow your business.” 

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