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Skyscraper Construction LLC: A Modern Construction Company that Accepts Cryptocurrency in Miami, Florida

Skyscraper Construction LLC is one of the first construction companies now accepting cryptocurrency, but that’s not the only thing that makes them different. Founder and CEO of Skyscraper Construction LLC, Kevin Cruz, has been in the construction industry since he was a teen. He began acquiring hands-on training at just fourteen years old and has continued to capitalize on these skills. 

He earned his State Certified General Contracting license (CGC 1531215) and launched his own business in 2020. He is now independently pursuing his passion for the craft, building and serving commercial clients and high-end luxury homes. 

Cryptocurrency in Construction

As an investor, Cruz made an informed decision to accept cryptocurrency as payment, starting December 2021. He states, “Cryptocurrency will evolve into a more common payment option. It’s essential to adapt to new technology where you can in your business. We’ve all heard about the increasing value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I believe those who invested early on will soon reap the benefits. Consumers can now use cryptocurrency to buy services from businesses worldwide.”

More and more big companies are seeing this as an opportunity, and many clients are interested in cryptocurrency, as it makes real estate liquid and provides more investment opportunities. “It may not be long before the blockchain enters the public sphere and becomes commonplace in regular business transactions,” Cruz comments. 

Skyscraper Construction LLC will appeal to a wider customer base by offering cryptocurrency payment options. As customers use this currency more frequently, they will probably gravitate toward businesses that offer blockchain payments as an option – similar to when customers started gravitating towards merchants that took cards over cash. 

Skyscraper Construction LLC prides itself on being unique in an industry that is often stereotyped as less tech-savvy than others. “Our director’s ethos is driven down through the business – the desire to work and collaborate as part of a team and to remain open and flexible to modern technology and change,” Cruz states. 

Changing the Industry

Skyscraper Construction LLC’s ethics were founded on the belief that safer practices in construction equal more jobs for workers. Along with incorporating technological advancements, Cruz believes that the future of construction needs to be built around efficiency, environmental awareness, and safer practices, which will provide more jobs for workers. 

As Miami continues to develop, I believe more job opportunities will be available for construction. – Kevin Cruz

Our ability to successfully undertake work in these locations is sustained by our emphasis on using our established network of local subcontractors and suppliers. Keeping it local is an essential principle in our business. 

We are continually reviewing our network of suppliers and contractors to ensure that all uphold the core business values that we consider essential. Our core values revolve around business integrity, high-quality service, innovative solutions, and significant results.

To become a client, visit:, email Call (786) 220- 6915

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