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Yoga of Immortals: Ancient Indian Modalities Create Peace for Millions

Ishan Shivanand, Founder of Yoga of Immortals (YOI), never ceases to be amazed at how similar people around the world truly are. “I have talked to people from all walks of life, including in the deserts of India, schools in Mauritius, and boardrooms in Silicon Valley, and even though everyone comes from different cultures, at heart, they are searching for one thing: joy. People feel frustrated because joy is seemingly elusive, slipping through their fingers each time they grasp at it. It gives me a lot of pleasure to show them how YOI is the key to attaining it.”

You have undoubtedly heard of yoga and may have visions of extremely fit and flexible people breakinging into a sweat in yoga studios as they try to focus on having inner peace. Ishan finds this image amusing and says reassuringly, “Actually, YOI is very different from that. The ancient practices of yoga are much deeper and beneficial then nere physical exercises, it is just that many of these traditions were extremely elusive and secretive hence the world only experienced one expect of yoga. YOI is a holistic, meditative, cognitive, mind-oriented approach rather than just a physical approach.”

Ishan, as you may have guessed, is not originally from the United States. He grew up in Western India, where he lived for the first twenty years of his life in a monastery. 

“I am a monk,” he confirms, smiling. “I come from a long family lineage of monks that goes back 5,000 years. I spent my childhood training in the physical and spiritual Vedic healing modalities under my father and teacher. I have seen firsthand the power these modalities have to improve a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health.”

In his twenties, Ishan decided to leave the monastery and go into the world to bring YOI to people in need of its restorative powers. His desire to teach individuals about YOI and its techniques and to transform their lives would take him to five continents. “I have talked to people everywhere you can imagine,” he says. “I have been to state-run schools in Africa and to prisons. I have spoken with government leaders, both to help them and to try to get policies made that will bring YOI to more people. It has been an adventure, honestly, one that has blessed me with the ability to see individuals attain inner peace.”

One of his biggest goals is to show people how scientific YOI actually is. “I think there’s a bit of a misconception out there about YOI,” Ishan says. “Individuals don’t seem to realize how much science actually confirms that YOI is a vital way to restore all aspects of your health.”

He saw this during the pandemic. “We all remember how confusing and tumultuous the first months of COVID were in 2020,” Ishan says. “All over the world, there was a spike in depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders. The stress people were under was terrible, and far too many didn’t have a productive way to handle it.”

Ishan and his team at Yoga for Immortals decided to conduct an in-depth study of the effects of their comprehensive, structured, mind-body YOI program on 1,505 participants. “We worked with doctors and psychologists, and we gave participants access to our app,” he says. “For eight weeks, they followed our modalities. There were four check-in points during the study, and at the end, the results were amazing. Severe insomnia had been reduced by 80%, 72% of participants had experienced a reduction in depressive symptoms, 75% had a decrease in generalized anxiety, and 77% had an improvement in their quality of life. It was the scientific proof we needed to prove that YOI, properly practiced, can make a tremendous difference in a person’s health.”

Today, Ishan and Yoga of Immortals continue to help millions around the world find balance and stability in their lives. “It is most gratifying to be able to help soldiers who have suffered from PTSD to find relief from the horrors they have witnessed,” he reveals. “Our systematic modalities are releasing people from the stress in their lives and freeing them to experience the joy they have been seeking. No matter where I go in the world, I find the same result: individuals who are able to breathe freely and live their lives to the absolute fullest, as they are meant to do. Good people are, indeed, becoming even better.”

Through the scientifically-backed meditation techniques taught by Ishan Shivanand and Yoga of Immortals, millions are finding relief from anxiety, anger, addictions, and other issues. For more information on how YOI can help you find your own peace, please contact him at or visit:
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