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Shadi Amiri Reveals the Secrets to Transforming Your Life

As Spiritual/Magical Life Transformation Coach Shadi Amiri has experienced, sometimes the greatest transformations arise out of our lowest moments. The Founder of Happy Life Coaching & Consulting, who has helped thousands manifest lives of peace and contentment, remembers when she had nothing and every aspect of her life was filled with misery. “I had almost every problem you can think of,” Shadi says. “My finances were terrible. My relationships were awful. My career was going nowhere. My self-esteem was close to none. I was completely miserable. I had dreams, of course, but I didn’t have a clue how to make them happen.”

Shadi believes that her story is not unusual. “I think far too many people are exactly where I was: in quicksand and sinking fast. Instead of living into my true potential and experiencing joy, I was stuck in a cycle of self-destruction.”

The turning point, Shadi says, came when in the middle of her miserable lifestyle she lost her only brother to sudden death. That was the point when she asked herself one crucial question in the midst of her misery: did she deserve to be happy?

“People around me were basically telling me that asking for happiness was asking for too much,” she states, thinking back. “I repeatedly heard that my dreams were unattainable, that I was capable of doing nothing, and that I was never going to have anything better. I had to ultimately decide if I believed them or if I would step out into the unknown and find out for myself if I could be happy. I am so thankful that I had the courage to pursue my manifestation journey which has led me to leave the doubters behind me.”

Shadi says that she turned to manifestation to gradually change her life. Under the guidance of her masters, she learned more about her unique place in the world, including how valuable of a human being she really was. 

“This was huge for me. I had never thought much of myself, but this changed over the course of a year as I learned to become more connected to the power of the universe,” Shadi explains. “I filled myself with the energies of God and the universe, which gave me the ability to be the manifestation magnet that I am today.”

The difference in Shadi’s life was remarkable. Her self-esteem improved, and she began to attract a different crowd of people. Most importantly, she manifested her dream life, including her dream partner, dream career, dream income, dream inner peace, and dream lifestyle. 

“I remember waking up one morning and feeling totally at peace,” Shadi says. “I felt like I had closed the chapter on an old life that no longer fit me. I was more than ready to explore this new way of living and enjoy the journey, which has been life changing. I have never looked back again – I am having too much fun living my ultimate happiness every second of my life!”

Now that her life is on track and clicking, Shadi is devoting herself to helping other people experience the same metamorphosis through the “DIY Your Happy Life Online Workshop,” which launches on July 2, 2022. 

“Everywhere I go, I find people who are hungry to understand how they, too, can align their energies with the new energies of the universe faster and easier,” she says. “They can sense that the magical powers of the universe and within human beings can help them to achieve their desired lifestyle. They are simply like I was – aware that there is something better waiting for them but unsure how to attain it.”

In the “DIY Your Happy Life Online Workshop”, Shadi reveals her methods and tools that helped her to manifest her dream life. The cost of the workshop, which is currently on pre-sale promotion for $200 discount, includes lifetime access to its materials. “I am building a real tribe of people who are ready to have better,” she says. “I am so excited about inspiring attendees to manifest what they have always wanted to have.”

To help more people experience change in their lives, Happy Life Coaching & Consulting is also offering an energy balancer manifestation kit. “This is magical,” Shadi says. “It is a beautiful crystal-charged vision journal that amplifies the manifestation process. It includes real, high-quality crystals inside the journal to help the energies of manifestation work faster and more smoothly.”

The journal, which is blessed during a full-moon ritual, includes magical shapes and mantras that help the person’s mind connect to the journal as well as picture slots where the user can attach pictures of their dream life. The kit also includes five feng-shui manifestation pieces and tools to make sure the user aligns the energies of their home and sets the energy rotation in the proper way for the best manifestation results. While Shadi is only making 100 kits per month, she has plans to grow her team and increase production. 

To reach more people in need of inspiration, Shadi is preparing to release DIY Your Happy Life, her book that details all the secrets of her journey and life story. It goes into more depth how she managed to transform her life from lower than rock bottom to where she is today using the new energy frequencies of the world. Shadi is currently manifesting to meet the one literary agent whose energies are aligned with hers to help her publish her book into the world. 

“I am so blessed to be where I am today,” Shadi reflects. “The power of the universe did its best until I found myself living my dream life. I have achieved everything I have dreamed of having or doing even though so many didn’t believe that I could. I have found ultimate happiness, and I am going to work to help more people on this planet have that same joy.”

For more information about Spiritual/Magical Life Transformation Coach Shadi Amiri and her “DIY Your Happy Life Online Workshop”, please visit

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