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Crypto Investor Amit Fridman Details His Plans For Helping More People Capitalize on the Digital Revolution

It seems like only yesterday that people were scoffing at digital currency, and no one had a clue what a non-fungible token was, much less how to pronounce it. What a difference a few years make. China has launched its own cryptocurrency, the digital yuan, and NFTs, which are forecasted to replace paper contracts, are on the verge of reinventing how business is conducted. As it becomes apparent that despite what many of us privately thought, NFTs and digital currencies are here to stay, the industry is exploding into a veritable gold rush, with entrepreneurs rushing to stake their claim before it becomes saturated. One of the people at the center of the frenzy is a man named Amit Fridman, who was actually one of the first entrepreneurs to spot the potential NFTs and cryptocurrencies represented for professional and retail traders alike. Amit was investing in the technology several years before it became hot, and his ability to see where it would go helped him to amass the wealth that he has today. We met up with Amit at The Confidante Miami Beach to talk about where he sees the tech taking society as well as his own plans for helping people to understand it better and invest in it.

“I have been investing in NFTs and crypto for over six years because I saw early on their potential for completely remaking the world as we know it,” Amit says. “And, it’s true, don’t you think? Look what’s happening. Contracts and deeds are being replaced by NFTs. Digital currencies are being adopted by countries around the world. Now we’re seeing the emergence of the metaverse, where virtual land is being sold and people will have a 3-D Internet experience. We are only touching the surface of what this technology will do.”

Amit says that the key to envisioning the potential of NFTs, crypto, and even the blockchain lies in looking a few years down the road. “This is not about having a new way to sell your artwork. This is about the reality that with each day that passes, we will have more digital products and see the creation of more digital currency. As the online experience develops, we will see fewer people going out of their homes. We are going to interact with other people through our computers. Everything is going digital, so it’s going to continue to become a big part of our lives.”

Amit cares so much about helping society transition to what he calls the digital revolution that he has started Profitfi Academy, more than 70 video lessons that pass on all of his knowledge about the technology that still confuses a large percentage of the American population. 

“There are two problems with NFTs and crypto,” he believes. “First, let’s face it, they are complex topics. There’s no way around that. Second, very few people in the industry know how to explain them to the public. Have you ever listened to a computer engineer try to explain how the blockchain works? Your eyes glaze over in less than five seconds. They’re well-meaning, but even I can’t listen to them!”

Amit, his friends say, has the heart of a teacher, and he has been helping them understand and invest in NFTs and crypto for almost as long as he has been making money with his own investments. 

“It started out as just a few people in the beginning,” he remembers. “This was before the big rush started. People came up to me and asked me what I thought of digital currency and if I could explain it to them. I showed them what to do, and before too long, they were investing on their own.”

Amit was so motivational that his friends urged him to help more people, so he decided to start Profitfi Academy. “It’s got courses for every skill level, and I break down every concept so that you can easily understand it,” he says. “I teach my own unique strategies so that people will know how to potentially make a profit when the market is up or down. I also go into why Web 3 is important and why smart contracts with NFTs on the blockchain are changing the world.”

Amit believes that investing in crypto must be coupled with the right mentality. “You must have the focused mind of an entrepreneur and believe in what I call the Law of Attraction,” he says thoughtfully, thinking back on how he has attained his own success. “The people who will enjoy my courses are those who are ready to set aside Netflix and learn something new. I really do believe that if you spend fifty hours teaching yourself something, you can become good at it. Then, with some more practice, you can become an expert. It’s no different with NFTs and crypto. There’s a lot of money waiting to be made with them, so why not learn about them?”

As we wrap up our talk, Amit adds one final thought for consideration. “I built myself up from practically nothing to being a guy who owns homes in New York, Philadelphia, and Miami. I drove here in a Ferrari. I was able to do this for three reasons: I learned about a technology that is here to stay. I learned how to invest wisely in it for the long term. And, I focused on the Law of Attraction. Where might you be in a few years if you focus on those things, too?”

For more information on Amit Fridman and his Profitfi Academy courses, please visit his website or

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