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Eminent Ecom Expands Acquisition Department as Company Receives Rave Reviews

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas–Eminent Ecom, a local company, recently unveiled the growth of its Acquisitions Department to meet the current client demand in services stocking, managing, and marketing Amazon Private Label businesses. A two-month backlog of potential clients due to hundreds of positive Eminent Ecom reviews has accumulated, and the expanded Acquisitions Team will work to ease the process of the backlog’s clearance. 

The growth of Eminent Ecom’s Acquisitions Team couldn’t come at a better time as more businesses have expressed interest in breaking into e-commerce. The e-commerce sector has grown considerably both during and after the pandemic. E-Commerce sales in the country grew by 14.2% near the end of 2021, due in part to holiday shopping. Online sales have shown to be a consistently reliable option for buyers due to high accessibility and convenience.

“A team is only as good as its weakest member, which is why we’ve ensured every member of the team is an e-commerce professional with a high level of expertise in the field,” says Clint Wallace, the company’s Founder and CEO. “We recruit industry experts that have a passion and drive to give our clients what they want. We strive to give investors and businesses what they need, and we encourage our clients to give us feedback. That is why there are so many positive Eminent Ecom reviews.”

High standards on the behalf of their clients inform Eminent Ecom’s hiring practices.  “We’ve built an Acquisitions Department that strives to be the best,” the company says. “Naturally, we offer our clients a very comprehensive approach because we love setting people up for success.”

Eminent Ecom has earned $15M in revenue from clients, and in their announcement, they explained they surpassed even their first-quarter projections. “Everyone’s jaw dropped back at the end of the first quarter when we outpaced our initial projections. Meeting this goal is something we take a lot of pride in.”

Eminent Ecom reviews from clients enjoying 100% to 500% growth for their Amazon Private Label business have been reported and reflect Eminent Ecom’s impressive work. Testimonials on the company’s website are proudly displayed, with some clients earning nearly $3,000 in profit in one day. Another client earned over $720,000 between January 1, 2020-June 24, 2021. 

“We’re very pleased with the results we’ve been able to provide our clients with,” the company states.

Q3 of 2022 approaches and Eminent Ecom is determined to use all the good momentum they have gathered to push further. They hope to accomplish this with the help of the expanded Acquisitions Team. “Eminent Ecom is about realizing potential,” the company says. “Our team of 25 professionals has strong experience in digital marketing, sourcing products, as well as brand strategy. We use these tools to foster our clients’ potential, earning them passive income, and helping them diversify their portfolios. Eminent Ecom reviews are clear proof that we know how to help clients have the best chances possible when breaking into e-commerce.”

Eminent Ecom uses brand-led strategies, digital tools, and innovative solutions to scale brands and deliver powerful client experiences. Founded by Clint Wallace in 2017, the company works to help everyday people build, grow, and scale fully automated Amazon Private Label Businesses. Eminent Ecom also offers 7 Figure Ecom, an immersive and interactive program that helps Amazon sellers to start, scale, and manage their brands. The company’s services and commitment to its clients are behind the great Eminent Ecom reviews.

For more information about Eminent Ecom, please see or contact:

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