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A Must-Read Thrill Ride: Award-Winning Author P.E. Barrington Releases New Novel

Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis, as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, is a non-stop adventure that delves into the very nature of life itself. As the title character finds himself on a journey to save his own life, he asks himself vital questions about life, love, and how the universe truly operates.

Barrington’s dark, gritty novel of survival begins innocuously enough, with a thorough introduction to Grant Davis. Readers observe Grant’s childhood and formative years, and the fascinating events and people that end up shaping his character. His is no ordinary life – it’s little wonder that it quickly becomes a roller coaster ride of peril and mystery.

His life takes a dark turn in the summer of 1995. The small upstate New York town of Woodstock is famous for its legacy of peace and love; but not all is as innocent as it seems. Grant becomes the victim of a violent home invasion, but rather than merely robbing him of his personal property, the intruders attempt to rob him of his very life. Injected with a poisonous toxin, Grant is already physically dying as he rushes headlong into chaos, desperate for a cure.

A novel that begins with a touching reminiscence of childhood and youth becomes a twisted maze of deception and danger. From the dark streets of New York City to the wild Bavarian Alps, Grant faces a deeply corrupt system and betrayal on all sides as he searches for a life-saving cure as well as an answer to the most pressing question of all: Who Okayed This?!

Author P.E. Barrington is the proud recipient of 2022’s Stellar Book Award, a prestigious honor. He is considering optioning his book out for movie rights, as he feels it would transfer well to the screen.

“Winning the Stellar Book Award for my first novel was life-changing,” Barrington says. “I feel that I’ve found my life’s purpose and my passion. My next novel is definitely in the works!”


A threat from the past …

“Two months later, I received a collect call from Sing Sing. Yes, that Sing Sing, the maximum security state prison north of New York City. I didn’t accept the charges, of course, because I didn’t know anyone who had been sent there. After all, I didn’t make it a habit to seek out and befriend convicts. Whoever he was, the caller screamed over the operator as she was speaking to me. I heard him loud and clear after I rejected the call. He was threatening to kill me!

He called a few more times after that, always with the same message: “I’m going to kill you, and you won’t see it coming!” 

I replied “Obviously your employer didn’t educate you on your subject. Two things you should know: There are a handful of alphabet agencies that have been keeping tabs on me for a very long time. In fact every phone has been monitored for decades. Even as we speak, this phone call has been triangulated and all of your information as well as all of your associate’s info are being examined, right now, in real time. Your entire existence is going to be under a zoom microscope from now on, so, get ready for a shit storm! By the way, you can’t kill me.” 

He asked “Why is that?” 

I replied… “Because… I’m already dead!”  

Now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Goodreads, and other fine retailers.




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