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Infinity Healing’s Sophia Suraya Takes Chakra Healing to the Next Level

Sophia Suraya is a healer, guide, mentor, and Universal energy source who practices Reiki, cleansing, energy healing, and other services to clear the mind and refresh the body. Her company, Infinity Healing, reaches out to people near and far to benefit from her unique range of spiritual services.

One aspect of healing that she is truly moved by is Chakra Alignment. The concept of the Chakras throughout the body is an ancient Hindu concept; but Sophia explains that it is a universal concept which transcends religion. “We all have 114 different Chakras, categorized into 7 major areas,” says Sophia. “This incredible network reaches from the crowd of the head to the root of your spine and beyond. The Chakras are the window to our innate energy source.”

She shares that when the Chakras are aligned, this enables pure energy to flow freely through the mind, spirit, and body. When Chakras are out of balance, however, positive energy is blocked and can cause physical ailments, mental problems, and spiritual struggles. Sophia has a technique in which she connects to her clients spiritually to summon pure Universal Energy and direct it into each major Chakra to allow healing and cleansing, and to remove blockages and negative energy. The result is peace and well-being. “The Chakra Alignment will work wonders for those who feel ‘stuck’, depressed, or ill for no apparent reason,” says Sophia.

How do you know if your Chakras are out of balance? Again, as Sophia says, often those who are feeling discouraged or sick with no clear reason may be out of alignment. Physical imbalances can display through a variety of symptoms – headaches and sinus issues, vision problems, even hormonal imbalances. “This can also affect your emotional state,” she emphasizes. “Along with depression you may be experiencing mood swings and irrational fear if your Chakras are out of alignment.”

To those new to their spiritual journey, Sophia outlines what the major Chakras are and why they are each important.

1 – The Root Chakra (Red)

“This is located at the base of your spine,” she says. “You may feel your Root Chakra in your pelvic floor as well. This Chakra represents the physical body, which includes what we consider essential needs – food, shelter, things of that nature.” Material needs and a sense of security are wrapped up in the Root Chakra.

“The Root Chakra may be out of balance if you experience things such as pain in your feet and legs,” says Sophia, “or feeling chaotic or out of place with your home life, as this Chakra is connected to your family or tribe.” She says that connecting with the Earth is essential in realignment with this Chakra, as is strengthening the legs, eating root vegetables, and even wearing the color red.

2 – The Sacral Chakra (Orange)

This Chakra is located in the abdomen and hips, as well as the reproductive organs, and represents emotions and feelings, and includes creativity, sexual expression, and the birth of new ideas. “Your Sacral Chakra may be blocked if you’re feeling out of touch with your emotions, have lower back pain, and experience a loss of imagination,” Sophia says.

To realign this Chakra, Sophia urges clients to reconnect with water, whether it be taking a bath, walking in the rain, swimming, or even drinking more water. She says it can help to wear the color orange and get in touch with your feelings by therapy or journaling.

3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

Located above the naval but below the ribs, the Solar Plexus Chakra is about digestion – but of ideas as well as food. It’s responsible for how we absorb ideas, and an imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra may look like digestive issues, bloating, low self-esteem, and trouble with commitment.

“Obviously you know we will advise wearing yellow,” Sophia laughs. “Each Chakra can be boosted by its color. But also, I recommend connecting with sunshine and fire – walk in the sun, light a candle. Also, go easy on your digestive system by focusing on light foods.”

4 – The Heart Chakra (Green)

The heart is central here but also connected are the shoulders, neck, and back. The Heart Chakra is an Air Elemental and relates to love of all kinds – romantic, sexual, familial, even self-love. Pain in the chest or upper back, tight shoulders, lack of compassion, or feeling a sense of loss of feelings are all symptoms of a blocked Heart Chakra.

“Green and pink are both colors to focus on when realigning the heart,” Sophia says. “You must connect with air. Breathing exercises can help; get out in nature and try to experience different types of weather to breathe in. Self-love is important and also practicing shoulder stretches can help.”

5 – The Throat Chakra (Blue)

“It may seem obvious that this Chakra centers around communication,” Sophia says, “but it is also connected to one’s innate psychic abilities. And it connects to the ears, so that psychic ability specifically is the clairaudio, or hearing beyond our normal plane of existence. She shares that she taps into the power of the Throat Chakra when connecting to angelic and other spiritual beings during her cleansing sessions. “I listen for whoever is ready and willing to speak,” she says, “to create a connection between me and the person with whom I am working. The Throat Chakra is not only for speaking but for listening.”

The Throat Chakra being out of balance may be identified by a sore throat, jaw pain, grinding of teeth, and trouble setting or respecting boundaries. An alignment can be aided by wearing the color blue or turquoise, drinking tea or water with lemon, and listening to meditative music in a quiet space.

6 – The Third Eye Chakra (Violet)

“Right between the physical eyes, connected to the mind, you will experience the Third Eye Chakra,” Sophia says reverently. “This is attuned with your intuition, your source of inner wisdom, your insight, and your imagination. It may be blocked if you are feeling headache and brain fog or confusion, a loss of inspiration, and even an overactive imagination as your thoughts may be trapped and swirling around in your mind.”

She says wearing blue, violet, or purple can be helpful, along with practicing yoga and keeping a dream journal.

7 – The Crown Chakra (White)

“People tend to think of this as your head,” Sophia says. “However, it’s more than that. Physically it is the top of your head – the crown – but is also the pineal gland within your brain.” She says this Chakra may be imbalanced if you are suffering headaches, difficulty concentrating, finding yourself surrounded by drama, and difficulty in understanding others’ perspectives.

She advises wearing white and purple, practicing meditation – but she recommends meditating for a few minutes at a time throughout the day, rather than having only one long session. “Inverted yoga poses can help,” she shares. “Also, get involved with volunteer work to put yourself in others’ shoes.”

She also shares that each Chakra has a related affirmation:

  • Crown Element is THOUGHT with an affirmation of “I Understand”
  • Third Eye Element is LIGHT with an affirmation of “I See”
  • Throat Element is SOUND (ETHER) with an affirmation of “I Speak”
  • Heart Element is AIR with an affirmation of “I Love”
  • Solar Plexus Element is WATER with an affirmation of “I Feel”
  • Sacral Element is FIRE with an affirmation of “I Do”
  • Root Element is EARTH with an affirmation of “I Am”

“When the root chakra opens and energy is flowing freely,” Sophia says, “you will feel safe, comfortable and confident. Symptoms of the Chakra opening include feeling grounded, connected and secure. You may notice tingling, heating, or healthy changes such as in your eating habits, sleep patterns and overall physical activity.”

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