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Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC): Fertility Treatments Anywhere, Anytime, for Anyone

Today’s world is connected by technology. People want the absolute best products and services regardless of their location. Now that extends even to starting a family with those who have struggled with infertility.

Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC) is the first fertility center in the Northeast to offer non-conventional, holistic, and organic fertility methods. But a massive 40% of RFC patients are outside the New York and Connecticut area, where RFC is based. Patients flock to RFC from all 50 states and all over the world, including Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Europe, India, and even as far away as Asia.

Dr. Zaher Merhi, founder and medical director of RFC, shares that his goal has always been making in vitro fertilization (IVF) equally accessible to everyone, regardless of location, age, or weight. RFC offers outside monitoring (OM), which allows patients worldwide to enjoy RFC protocols and access to the finest fertility providers.

With OM and other options like RFC’s Portable IVF and At-Home IVF Kit, patients need only follow a few simple steps:

  • First, the patient will have a video consultation with one of the elite RFC doctors. Based on the history and demographics of the patient, the doctor will choose one of the 10 revolutionary IVF treatments offered at RFC.
  • Then an OM form will be emailed to the patient- consists of a prescription to perform blood and ultrasound. The patient needs to just find a nearby lab, fertility clinic, or OBGYN doctor – even a radiology center – which can perform the blood draws and ultrasounds.
  • RFC will get the blood and ultrasound results from that facility, and RFC doctors will review those results the same day, and let the patient know what medications they should take next.
  • Finally, only one in-office visit is required, on the day of the actual procedure.

RFC’s Portable IVF option utilizes the latest technology to transport eggs and sperm via portable incubators from any RFC office to the IVF lab, where embryologists receive the eggs and sperm to perform fertilization. After a few days, the embryos are transported back to the originating office, where the patient undergoes the embryo transfer.

The At-Home IVF Kit is a patented breakthrough kit by RFC that includes everything a patient need for Gentle IVF fertility treatment without coming to the office for the repeated monitoring visits for blood draws and ultrasounds.

These options were created during the pandemic, as travel was considered dangerous. For older patients, however, time was of the essence when it came to freezing their eggs and pursuing their IVF treatments. Thus, the Portable IVF system and the At-Home IVF Kit were born. They allowed patients to avoid traveling to the heart of the city while still receiving treatment.

Dr. Merhi is also dedicated to providing fertility treatments to everyone, regardless of race, creed, religion, or preference. He is a friend to the LGBTQIA+ community, and RFC is proud to support these couples on their journey toward building their very own families. RFC clinics offer multiple options for LGBTQIA+ couples and world-renowned doctors are on hand to prove that diversity is a blessing and everyone has the right to enjoy a family.

The clinic is currently accepting patients from all over the world via telemedicine and offers a variety of IVF options, egg freezing, egg donation, and surrogacy as well as other fertility treatments such as PRP ovarian rejuvenation. 


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Phone: (203) 557-9696

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