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Diana Sua and PowderVitamin Team Curates Clean and All-Natural Electrolyte Mix

Finding an all-natural electrolyte mix can be overwhelming. The market is saturated with products that are listed as “natural” and “clean”, but the labels still show that they contain an overabundance of sodium, sugars, and other unnatural additives. Diana Sua, the founder of self-started company, PowderVitamin, was disappointed by the products she was finding in stores and online for electrolyte mixes. The products she was finding contained so much sugar and sodium, while leaving out some of the key nutrients that the body needs for genuine hydration.

Sua took ten years researching and developing her own electrolyte mix, and in September 2022, launched Electrolytes Powder Plus. The product is an all-natural alternative to the electrolyte mixes currently on the market. 

This new and clean electrolyte mix is formulated to improve focus and boost energy without the junk that would lead to a “crash”. Electrolytes Powder Plus is a delicious way to optimize hydration, with a flavor that tastes just like lemonade, with four brand new flavors set to launch before the end of the year. 

Along with being sugar-free, carb -free, and containing no additives, Electrolytes Powder Plus contains other important compounds, such as chloride, magnesium, calcium, zinc and organic vitamin C derived from organic acerola cherries.

“Dealing with all the work and chores around the house, I had trouble finding the energy to go to the gym and play with my baby,” Sua explains. “I was looking for something that would give me that much-needed boost, but realized that there is a big need for clean ingredients in the electrolyte world.” She goes on to explain that the formulas on the market are not balanced, and the ingredients they have are junk—a lot of sugars and artificial additives. 

Sua and her team explain the role that electrolytes play in the human body, and they stress that it is something that should be taken seriously. Daily, the body needs 4,700 milligrams of potassium and around 2,300 milligrams of sodium so that the cellular level can function the way that it should. However, several studies show that the average American consumes more salt in their diet than they should and that they ingest too much sodium but not enough potassium. Sua’s research and development of Electrolytes Powder Plus aims to solve this problem. 

“Your body on the cellular level is governed by these sodium-potassium pumps. They are what keeps you alive,” she goes on to say. “If you don’t have the right balance of these in your body, it won’t stay healthy for long.” Diana curated the Electrolytes Powder Plus formula so that it has the right amount of every ingredient the body needs to function at maximum power.

While also creating something that was healthy and that tasted good, Sua wanted to bring a product to the market that was affordable. “I wanted to offer something that people can’t get at a better deal from anywhere else.” Sua says. “I want to really make a difference. There are hundreds of electrolyte mixes that sell for too much for what they give you. Being healthy shouldn’t have to be expensive. People should be able to care about their bodies without also worrying about breaking the bank or emptying their wallets to do so.”

PowderVitamin’s website explains that this formula does not replace necessary vitamins but rather, helps to supplement them every now and then, such as during a workout, or after a busy day. “If we don’t treat our bodies the way we should and supply them with the necessary nutrients each day, we’ll be in trouble,” Sua says. “You can’t eat just salad the whole day every day, and that’s why you have Electrolytes Powder Plus to help you out – a healthy product that is balanced and only uses clean ingredients to give your body the energy and a focus boost you deserve.” 

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