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Leo Li inspired his followers when he sat amongst the stars at New York Fashion Week


Fashion influencer and stylist Leo Li produces special content which his fashion followers appreciate. His social media platforms feature a plethora of never-before-seen, innovative photos and videos, proof of the charming influencer’s activity in an area of large intrigue– fashion.

Born and raised in XinJiang, China, Li moved to the states at age fourteen and and now speaks Chinese and English. Because he had an early eye for design, Li develop a strong love for la mode and an fascination with unique cuts and colors.

He began his career quickly, skillfully noticing that his success could be enhanced by a willingness to take huge leaps of faith and a drive to work hard and give it his all. Likewise, he knew that, in order to follow one’s passion, one must have a positive demeanor and embrace every opportunity around him.

Some new experiences later, Li found himself shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s most famous at many New York Fashion Week runway shows. He mingled with style icons and attended shows like Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Fendi, and Laquan Smith.

Li wore a Rolex & Supreme shirt to the Tom Ford show, where he watched two, famous models walk the runway in sparkles. Li viewed the singer of Crazy for You as she strolled the stage in black satin, and later, a finale characterized by lots of black leather, lingerie, and silk tracksuits. He posted videos of the evening on his social media, along with two photos of him and the supermodels.

For Glam Slam: Session 3, Li was seen at the Rooftop Terrace of Spring Studios in Tribeca. This IMG models and Spring Studios event, produced by FOCUS, took place to mark two of New York’s most popular and renowned affairs– The US Open Tennis Championships and New York Fashion Week. Li was invited to view a panel hosted during which well-known designer Cynthia Rowley, Style of Sports Founder Claudia Lebenthal, and tennis player Alexandra Stevenson spoke on the themes of tennis and fashion. 

Evidence of Li’s journey can be found on his social media platforms, venues which allow for his viewers to live through him and follow along with his adventures. Similar to many influencers’ handles, content on Li’s channels is unique to his distinct personality and enlivens its audience. 

The media matter his viewers enjoy is special and exciting, meant to parallel Li’s life. On his Instagram, there are videos and photos featuring Li’s favorite fashion pieces, an array of which he discovered while roaming Fashion Week. Photos of gorgeous buildings, riveting figures, and outstanding outfits outline the page, along with some Getty images taken of Li at the Glam Slam. Upon finding it, his followers can find an all-encompassing, true representation of Li’s wondrous world.

Yet the motivated individual still has more to share. A big influencer with even bigger ideas, he intends to further steer his career toward the world of fashion, specifically as it relates to the runway. Because Li loves and enjoys the industry in terms of styling models and friends, Li has plans to delve deeper into photography, styling, and, in the close future, modeling. 

Li wishes to one day further express his excitement over every-day life mode by having his own, personal style shown on the magazine covers of Vogue or Forbes. On the topic of his success, he claims, “I think success is being able to do what you love and make a joyful living off of it.”

The Manhattan, NYC-based social media leader and fashion stylist attended New York Fashion Week in September of 2022.

You can find Li on Instagram @leojeany, TikTok @leojeany, Facebook @leojeany, and Twitter @leojeany, and Youtube @leojeany.

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