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Eloping in Hawaii–How to Book the Best Photographer for Your Special Day

Hawaii is the perfect destination for couples who are looking to elope. With its beautiful landscape, stunning beaches, and warm climate, Hawaii is the perfect place to escape to and get married in a romantic and intimate ceremony. Whether you choose to elope on a beach, at a resort, or in the lush tropical forests, eloping in Hawaii will create a unique and unforgettable experience that you will cherish for years to come.

When booking the right photographer for your elopement, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable with their work and style. Abby Hagen, the founder of Aloha Dreams Photography urges clients to look at her portfolio prior to booking. 

“It gives my clients an idea of what I do, and what they can expect from me,” she explains. “It can sometimes be challenging to conceptualize different styles without seeing examples of my work.. Especially when it comes to the backdrop in somewhere as lush as Hawaii.” For stunning shots for an elopement, you want to make sure that you are choosing a photographer that is used to working with the kinds of landscape found in an island like Oahu, Hawaii. 

As someone who has been living in Hawaii long enough to know how to edit and work around such vibrant colors, Abby has been working with couples for years, photographing their special day in this island getaway. Her portfolio showcases just how skilled she and her team are with capturing memories, and making them look stunning.  

“We’re big into photographing real moments, real emotions, and natural, candid portrait photography,” Abby explains. “We’ll step in to tweak where you need a little guidance or help, but we do our best as portrait photographers to make sure you feel comfortable and can forget the cameras as much as possible. Our style is more about getting you interacting with each other, rather than a lot of really formal posing!”

These kinds of photographers are rare in the bustling tourism driven islands of Hawaii. Your elopement is a special day and you shouldn’t have to worry about falling victim to scams or tourist traps. Tourist traps are businesses that rely on tourists for their income and often provide subpar services, overcharge, and/or offer low-quality goods. These practices extend into the world of photography as many companies who run this way can often charge way too much, spend very little time or energy on the shoot, and leave you with poor results–Absolutely not what you want for your elopement day.

A good photographer should be willing to work with you and make sure that your wedding or elopement photos capture the memories of your special day perfectly, and this is just what Abby and her team with Aloha Dreams Photography strive to accomplish. The company will work with you on your magical day, providing quality and high-resolution photos.
Make your special day just that much more special by booking Aloha Dreams Photography.

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