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Clients, Community, & Smart Scaling: the Jaden Easton Story

Jaden Easton is a Canadian-born entrepreneur who co-founded the company Clients & Community with his best friends Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton. The company specializes in helping client-based business owners (such as coaches, consultants, and agency owners) harness the power of community to acquire and retain clients, specifically using Facebook groups. Jaden Easton has a passion for the internet and entrepreneurship which started when he was just 12 years old.

Growing up in the suburbs of British Columbia, Easton was fascinated with the internet after his elementary school teacher taught him how to build basic websites. This sparked a fire in him, and he began creating websites for his parent’s friends who owned their own businesses. Easton then started a blog called iJailbreak that focused on how to jailbreak iPhones, which quickly became popular and generated significant revenue through advertising. After high school, Easton pivoted to affiliate marketing and eventually became a top affiliate, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Easton was reached out to by the company owner, Mark Hoverson, who wanted to meet him in person and offered him the opportunity to work with him. Mark saw something special in Easton and wanted to groom him to become the CEO of his company. Easton jumped at the opportunity and alongside two other budding entrepreneurs (Chris J. Stapleton and Landon Stewart) was mentored by Mark in life and in business. However, Mark was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and passed away a year later. Easton, Stapleton, and Stewart were left with Mark’s businesses that began to deteriorate without his guidance.

In 2019, the three friends couldn’t ignore the entrepreneurial voice in their minds and decided to get back into building businesses. They started a Facebook group called Social Media Entrepreneurs and taught others what Mark had taught them. In less than a year, the group grew from zero to 18,000 active members, and they made a few hundred thousand dollars from small offers. In 2020, the three friends launched a new Facebook group – one designed to help coaches, consultants, and agency owners start and grow wildly-profitable, client-getting Facebook groups. This group was the birth of their company, Clients & Community.

Within a few months, Clients & Community crossed its first $1 million in revenue, and just 24 months later, the company made $10 million. The Clients & Community Facebook group has grown to over 44,000 active members, and the company has helped 17 people make over one million dollars with their Facebook groups. Clients & Community has also helped hundreds of clients earn an extra $30,000 to $100,000 per month from their Facebook groups, which has contributed to over $100 million in revenue. Easton and his partners have become the leading Facebook group experts for coaches around the world and the fastest-growing group for high ticket coaches on Facebook.

In addition to Clients & Community, Easton now privately consults with other 7 and 8-figure client-based businesses through his new company Clever Scaling so they can scale leveraging automation, without sacrificing their souls like many CEOs and founders end up doing. Easton has a wealth of knowledge and experience in scaling businesses and wants to help others achieve the same level of success he has. Easton’s definition of success is setting yourself free, both financially and emotionally, so you can live life on your own terms.

As a successful entrepreneur, Easton has made a significant impact in the client-based business industry. With his passion for the internet and entrepreneurship, Easton has been able to turn his $2,000 investment into a $10 million empire in just two years.

“Success, to me, means setting yourself free, so that you can cultivate your innate gifts to leave your unique mark on the world,” Easton says. “Harnessing the power of mentorship and being smart about scaling your business can give you the freedom that attracted you to entrepreneurship in the first place.”

Clever Scaling is a company that provides consulting services to coaches, consultants, and agency owners to help them grow their businesses. The focus is on helping these businesses install the right technology and processes to increase efficiency and scalability, without sacrificing the owner’s well-being. The goal is to provide guidance and support to help these businesses reach their full potential while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

“Our team provides guidance on developing a business vision and strategy, managing and tracking lead generation and customer relationships, improving processes for consistency and scalability, monitoring key performance metrics, and offering coaching to overcome mental barriers and achieve ambitious goals,” Easton says. “We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses in a sustainable and efficient manner.” 

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