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Jonnadula Jonnadula and the Importance of Quality Assurance in the Streaming Industry

The streaming industry has exploded in recent years, with a growing number of platforms vying for viewers’ attention. In 2022, the global video streaming market was estimated to be worth over $89 billion USD; and in 2023, it’s projected to reach nearly $107 billion. In addition, there are over 200 different streaming services available worldwide.

With so much competition, it’s absolutely imperative that companies differentiate themselves from their rivals to attract and retain users. One way they can do this is by providing a high-quality streaming experience, which is where quality assurance (QA) comes in.

QA is a crucial component of the software development process that ensures products are of a high standard and meet user expectations. In the case of streaming services like Crackle Plus, this means ensuring that the content is available in the highest possible quality, that it streams smoothly without buffering or other interruptions, and that the user interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

Prathap Jonnadula is the lead QA engineer at Crackle Plus, and his work has been instrumental in ensuring that the platform offers a high-quality streaming experience to its users. He has expertise in all stages of the software development lifecycle and has worked with multiple software environments.

One of Jonnadula’s key contributions to Crackle Plus has been the development of a mobile device testing lab. This lab houses all the mobile devices, operating systems, and browsers that testers, QA, developers, and DevOps require for efficient and agile mobile testing to achieve improved testing workflow, reduced manual testing hours, lower purchase costs, and decreased production issues.

Thanks to Jonnadula’s efforts, Crackle Plus has been able to reduce manual testing hours by 20%, lower test run time by 65%, and reduce production issues from 70% to just 5%. These changes have helped to streamline the development process, ensuring that new features and content can be rolled out more quickly and efficiently.

In addition to these significant and tangible benefits, Jonnadula’s work has also helped to improve the overall quality of the platform. By catching bugs and other issues before they make it into the final product, QA engineers like Jonnadula ensure that users have a seamless streaming experience, which is crucial for retaining their loyalty.

Moreover, the importance of QA is set to grow as the streaming industry becomes more competitive. With new players like Disney+, HBO Max, and Peacock entering the market, companies like Crackle Plus must continue to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Providing a high-quality streaming experience is one way to do this, and QA is an essential component of that.

QA engineers like Jonnadula must work closely with developers to ensure that they understand the importance of QA and build it into their development process from the outset. This allows them to become aware of issues before they become major problems, saving time and money in the long run.

Along with his work at Crackle Plus, Jonnadula is also an invited speaker at the World Conference Next Generation Testing 2022, India’s largest gathering of software testing enthusiasts. This shows his leadership in the QA industry and his commitment to advancing the field.

Jonnadula’s work at Crackle Plus highlights the importance of QA in the streaming industry. By ensuring that the platform provides a high-quality streaming experience to its users, he has helped to differentiate it from its competitors and attract and retain users. As the industry becomes more competitive, QA will become even more important, and companies that neglect it will struggle to keep up.

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