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Super-Producer Paul Dawson is Keeping the Music Industry Hot

LOS ANGELES, CA–Ghost-Kid is an American super-producer and songwriter known for his experience working with different instruments and musical genres. In the coming weeks, Ghost will be releasing a hit single with R&B artist Usher – this will be followed by the release of Usher’s album this summer, which will feature Ghost-Kid’s work on two of the tracks. Along with his new management, BangVillage, he hopes to continue striving for innovative ways to produce music for fans to enjoy. 

Behind the name Ghost-Kid is producer Paul Dawson, who has been based out of Los Angeles since 2009. Dawson, who remains relevant through his songwriting and producing for artists of all genres, is looking forward to the release of their single this summer. With new management and many hit songs on the way, fans can expect the next wave of music to be a great one. 

His collaborations with Usher will be released very soon, and as of late, Dawson has spent the past few months in Miami and Atlanta. There, he has been working diligently to finish up his work on Usher’s album. Two of the tracks will feature Dawson’s hard work. 

“I believe my process of making a record is really different from other producers,” said Dawson, “I don’t wander. I make sure I understand what the artist is going for, then the vision is something we work out together.” Along with his collaboration with Usher, Dawson is excited to be working with BangVillage to continue influencing the music industry. This summer’s releases will be a showcase of his skills, with many more projects to come later. Further down the line, he hopes that this new management will present him with the opportunity to one day put out his own artist under a universal music group. 

Music fans will get to hear lots of fresh new hits from Usher and Ghost-Kid this summer, and the hope is that this album will be one that fans of all types of music can enjoy. “Making music is not an easy feat. It’s not something you can guess with.” said Dawson, “It takes time, a vision, and dedication most of all. You can have all the money in the world to make a great record, but it won’t land with fans or the artist unless you take the time to listen – that’s how you create something great.” 

Paul Dawson, better known as Ghost-Kid, is an American producer and songwriter based out of Los Angeles, California. He currently works with BangVillage Management, which has allowed him to curate a new era of his career. Since his career began over a decade ago in 2009, Dawson’s most notable work to date has been as a producer for musicians like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Diddy, Chris Brown, DaBaby, Jay-Z, Usher, and more. He has also worked on music with 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Robin Thicke, and others. The release of Usher’s new album with Dawson’s collaboration is projected for this Summer, which will be preceded by the release of their single. For more information regarding BangVillage and Ghost-Kid, visit their instagram or website.


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